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Southern Oregon University

Eligibility Requirements

Upon check-in to a rental unit and before signing the Family Housing Rental Agreement, the University will require the applicant to provide proof of eligibility including, but not limited to: admission certificate, marriage certificate, childrens' birth certificates, custody papers, visitation/parenting plan, or other documentation as determined necessary by the Family Housing Office. If you are approved to keep an animal, you will also be required to provide additional documentation, such as vet records and proof of licensing. A full list of required documentation will be given to you when you are assigned a unit.

A Family Housing applicant must be officially admitted to the University at the time the rental agreement is signed and the student takes occupancy.  To remain eligible for Family Housing, a resident must register for and complete a minimum of eight academic credits each term (six credits for Graduate students), meet the minimum qualifications for satisfactory academic progress as stated in the University Catalogue, and enroll in a minimum of three academic terms each calendar year, of which one MUST be fall term.  Couples and roommates cannot combine units.

Selection priority is listed below. Your particular priority is always the highest priority you qualify under. For example, if you are an incoming freshman with two children, you are first priority not ineligible. If you are 28, single, and a Graduate student, you are third priority and not fourth.

First priority for Family Housing space is given to students with children, including single parents with custody of minor children and to non-custodial parents with an established parenting plan.  The child(ren) must reside with the student applicant at least 90 days per year.  Summer-only visitation is not considered a year-round need.  Verification of regular residence by the child(ren) may be required. For units that have three or more bedrooms, priority will be given to those applicants with the greatest number of dependents.

Second priority is given to couples without children.  A "couple" is definied as two (2) individuals who live together in an intimate, long-term relationship of indefinite duration with an exclusive mutual commitment in which partners share the necessities of life and agree to be financially responsible for each other's welfare, including living expenses.  If a marriage certificate cannot be provided, a couple must satisfy ALL of the following conditions:

  • Share the necessities of life
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be not related by blood closer than would bar marriage in the state of Oregon
  • Be each other's sole partner and intend to remain so indefinitely, be not legally married to another person, and be jointly reponsible for each other's common welfare
  • Sign a "Coupe's Affidavit" and place it on file in the Family Housing Office
  • Meet at least one of the following conditions:
    1. - Registration with a national, state, or city agency in another part of the world and carry a valid certificate of domestic partnership
    2. - Joint ownership of a motor vehicle that can be proven with the registration certificate dated back a minimum of one (1) year
    3. - Participation in joint banking and bank statements to prove that you hold either a joint checking, savings, investment, or credit card account, dating back a minimum of one (1) year from the date of application
    4. - Lease for a residence, which identifies both partners as tenants, dating back a minimum of one (1) year
    5. - Possession of a legal and valid trust or will that names the other partner as the main benefactor dated back a minimum of one (1) year

Third priority is given to single students who are 25 years of age or older. Single students may apply for either a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Two-bedroom apartments may be occupied by two single students on a space-available basis only; single students are ineligible for anything above a two-bedroom.

Fourth priority is given to single students who are under 25 years of age in the following descending order: (1) students who have lived in the SOU Residence Halls a minimum of six terms OR students who have lived in Family Housing for a minimum of one calendar year, (2) Graduate students (admitted to a Masters program), (3) Seniors, and (4) Juniors.

Single students under the age of 25 who are Freshmen or Sophomores are ineliglble for Family Housing. Some exemption may be made depending on the particular circumstances of individual applicants. Exemption request must be made in writing by submitting a petition, available by clicking the following link: Policy Petition Form. Non-SOU students (excluding OHSU students taking classes at SOU) are also ineligible to live at Family Housing.

Occupancy Limitations are determined by state and federal law. If you have questions on whether or not you are eligible for a particular unit, please call the Family Housing office at 541-552-8230 or email us at

Application Procedures

  1. Application:  Prospective tenants must complete and submit an accurate Family Housing Application in order to be considered for housing.  The applicant's name will not be placed on the waiting list, nor will a rental unit be assigned, until the application (including complete list of references) is received by the Family Housing Office.  Incomplete applications will be discontinued if the missing information is not received within 30 days.  Additionally, the applicant must submit a $25 non-refundable application fee upon being offered housing.
  2. Maintaining Waiting List Status:  If an applicant does not maintain a current phone number and mailing address with the Family Housing Office or fails to respond to assignment offers, the applicant's name will be removed from the waiting list.  Applicants who cancel an assignment after having signed the acceptance form will also be removed and may be liable for up to 30 days lost rent.
  3. Security Deposit:  A deposit equal to one month's rent is required on the first day of occupancy.  The security deposit will be held in the name of the tenant of record and refunded to him/her within 30 days of moving from Family Housing, minus standard fees for blind cleaning (less than 9 months) and carpet cleaning, and any potential additional charges for cleaning, damages, unpaid rent and fees.  The deposit cannot be refunded to a spouse, roommate, or other.  If a roommate or spouse takes over as main tenant, the security deposit will automatically transfer into their name unless a new deposit is put down equal to or greater than the deposit on file.
  4. Exceptions to Policies:  Exceptions to policies may be requested by petitioning the Family Housing Office.  Petitions denied by the Family Housing Office may be appealed to the Family Housing Advisory Committee. Requests for committee review must be in writing and all decisions by the committee are final.
  5. International Students:  On the online application, you will be prompted to enter a mailing address that is formatted for US postal addresses.  Please use the following format when filling out your mailing address - Number and Street: please provide your street address and apartment/building number, City: please provide your city AND country/province, State: please write XX, and Zip Code: please write 99999.


Click here to go to the main Family Housing application form

(form CANNOT be saved - have all information collected before beginning application, including: Reference contact information, old rental addresses, etc.)