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Southern Oregon University

2014-2015 Academic Year

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Meal Plan FAQ

Why is the “per-meal” price different from one plan to the other?

  • Meal pricing was one of many factors used in setting price points for the various meal plan options. While an average per-meal price was used as a starting point, other dining options such as coffee drinks, snacks, sodas, etc. were then factored into the equation. The entirety of dining options that students partake in throughout the quarter was used to calculate the most likely appropriate price points for each plan.

Am I allowed to add money to my meal plan account at any time?

  • Yes. If at any time you need to add funds to your meal plan account you certainly can do so.  However, any additional funds are treated as declining balance funds and not meal/week allotments.

Why am I required to buy a meal plan?

  • It is very important to us that students and their parents are confident knowing all their dining needs will be met every term. Requiring the purchase of a meal plan by all students living on campus helps ensure these needs of students are met.