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Southern Oregon University

2015-2016 Academic Year

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Community Meal Plans

If you are not living on campus, consider our Community Meal Plan options.  Community Meal Plans are available for students, staff, and faculty. All plans with meals are meals at The Hawk, an all you care to eat facility with 8 different made to order dining options.

SOU Community Meal Plans

*Ashland Plan meals will expire on the last Friday at dinner of each term.
**University Plan, Raider Plan, and Raider Cash Plan are valid from September 1, 2015 or purchase date to August 31, 2016.

Raider Cup

The first 100 people to sign up for the RAIDER PLAN or RAIDER CASH PLAN will receive a redcupcomplimentary Raider Cup. Members of this exclusive club can bring their cup to any of our 5 locations, fill it up with soda, tea, or brewed coffee as much as you would like complimentary.  The Raider Cup is a limited time offer. We cannot replace lost mugs. Valid September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016.

Meal Plan FAQ

You can purchase a meal by contacting CR Moreno at 541-552-6042 or  Cash, check, credit card, or by SOU account are accepted.  All Residential Meal Plans are facilitated through University as part of you room and board selection.  

The “price per meal” is the dollar amount that each meal will average out to depending on the price of the plan selected. For example, if you purchase the Ashland Plan which costs $150 for 20 meals, each meal averages out to $7.50. Whereas if you purchase the Raider Plan that costs $425 for 60 meals, each meal averages out to $6.25 instead of paying the door rate.

Meals are used at The Hawk.  Please click here for hours of operation.

Raider Cash is credit on your account that is similar to a gift card. You can spend Raider Cash at The Landing, Elmo’s, Java Union and Southern Grounds by swiping your card. You can also use Raider Cash at The Hawk to pay for your meal instead of using a meal swipe.  Additionally, the vending machines located around campus also accept Raider Cash.

Yes, if at any time you need to add Raider Cash to your meal plan account you certainly can do so by contacting CR Moreno at 541-552-6042 or