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Southern Oregon University

Electrical Restrictions in the Residence Halls:

In accordance with the Residence Hall Contract, Room and Hall Care, and City of Ashland Fire Codes, all appliances or electrical devices are required to be compatible with 110 volt, 60 cycle current, and be UL approved. Extension cords, multi-plug adapters without reset button, and the 'piggy backing' of power strips is prohibited. When power strips are used, circuit breakers and reset buttons are required. Appliances with open heat sources (i.e., toaster ovens, bread toasters, bread machines, non SOU portable heaters, etc.) and or no thermostat control (i.e., hot plates, grills, etc.) are prohibited. Decorative lighting (string lights) cannot be plugged into each other. One set of decorative lights can be plugged into one approved power strip or wall socket. Halogen lamps are prohibited.

Heater Operation:

*Normal heater noises in the Residence Halls are a clicking and crackling sound. If you hear a loud banging or whistling coming from your heater please inform your RA or Hall Director with the location so it can be checked. All portable space heaters are a potential source of fire if not used properly. The requirements listed below, applicable code requirements, and manufacturer's recommendations must be followed to maintain a safe environment. If the building heating system cannot be adjusted or repaired in a timely manner, Housing Services will provide a temporary space heater meeting the requirements listed below:

  1. All portable heaters must be Underwriters Listed or Factory Mutual approved for their intended use.
  2. Heaters must have a thermostat to automatically shut down the unit when the desired temperature is achieved.
  3. Heaters must have a tip over automatic shut-down feature.
  4. Heaters must be kept at least 36 inches from all combustible materials (e.g., file cabinets, desks, trash cans, paper boxes, etc.)
  5. Do not place heaters under desks or other enclosed areas.
  6. Heaters must be monitored when in operation.
  7. Plug heater directly into a wall receptacle. Never plug it into an extension cord.
  8. Heaters need to be monitored daily. Those heaters missing guards, control knobs, feet, etc. must be taken out of service immediately and repaired by a competent person. Do not use heaters in rooms that will not be continually occupied.
  9. Do not use portable space heaters if small children are expected in the area.

Custodial & Janitorial Services Custodial Services:

Residential Hall custodians are responsible for cleaning the public and common areas of the Residence Halls. Each custodial worker is responsible for cleaning two Residence Halls each day. All 16 Residence Halls are cleaned each day. Each assigned area is maintained by cleaning the everyday accumulations of dust and dirt. For custodial questions, please contact your Area Coordinator listed below:

  • Cascade: Allyson Beck 552-8216
  • Greensprings: Krista Wiseman 552-7114
  • Susanne Homes and Madrone Apartments: Katie Bergantino 552-8521

Community Restrooms:

Community Restrooms in the Residence Halls are cleaned on a daily basis. Residents are responsible for removal of their own trash, debris, and refuse. This includes such things as cardboard, waste paper, newspapers, leftover food, food containers, dishes, or other items. Personal debris will be left for a period of approximately 24 hours for the owner to remove. Health and sanitation standards require that the Custodial Worker take care of it after that time. Since this will take time out of the workday which should be spent in other public areas, this cleaning time will be billed to the floor or hall that requires extra time.