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Southern Oregon University

The Information Technology department is organized into four teams:

  • Classroom and Media Services
  • Information Services
  • Network Services
  • User Support and Help Desk

Chief Information Officer


Brad Christ
Chief Information Officer
(541) 552-6451
brad.christ AT sou DOT edu



Classroom and Media Services


Don Hill
Classroom and Media Services Manager
(541) 552-6596
dhill AT sou DOT edu


Travis Canoso
Equipment Systems Specialist
(541) 552-6894
canosot AT sou DOT edu


Bob Sexton
Lab and Student Computing Coordinator
(541) 552-6937
sextonb AT sou DOT edu

Information Services


Lisa Denney
Information Systems Manager
(541) 552-6958
ldenney AT sou DOT edu


Julie McClendon
Programmer Analyst
(541) 552-6953
mcclendj AT sou DOT edu


Tom Rutledge
Programmer Analyst
(541) 552-6959
rutledge AT sou DOT edu


Francisco Kuriyama
Web Programmer Analyst
(541) 552-8547
kuriyamf AT sou DOT edu


Craig Fox
Programmer Analyst
(541) 552-6961
foxcr AT sou DOT edu

Network Services


David Whipp
Network Services Manager
(541) 552-6957
whipp AT sou DOT edu


David Myers
Network Communications Analyst
(541) 552-8400
myersd AT sou DOT edu


Chris Corcoran
Desktop Systems Administrator 
(541) 552-6212
corcorac AT sou DOT edu


Jesse Martinich
System Administrator
(541) 552-8424
martinicj AT sou DOT edu

Christina Kaiserman
Systems Administrator 
(541) 552-6900
christina.kaiserman AT sou DOT edu


Mike Wagner
Network Communications Analyst
(541) 552-8600
wagnerm AT sou DOT edu

User Services

John Stevenson
User Support Manager
stevensj AT sou DOT edu


Jeff Anderson
Computing Coordinator
andersoj1 AT sou DOT edu


Gordon Carrier
Computing Coordinator
carriergo AT sou DOT edu


Justin Bezuhly
Computing Coordinator
bezuhlyj AT sou DOT edu


Stephen Williams
Computing Coordinator
williaste AT sou DOT edu



Skyler Sommer
Computing Coordinator
sommers AT sou DOT edu


David Raco
Computing Coordinator
racod AT sou DOT edu


Adrian Ulsted
Computing Coordinator
ulsteda AT sou DOT edu