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Southern Oregon University

Work at Home Software

Various packages are available to SOU employees through Please visit our Purchasing page for details.

Standard Software

For a list of the standard software included on every computer on-campus, click here. For a list of licensed software available for purchase through the university, click here. Talk to your Computing Coordinator for more information.

Remote Access

Two virtual workstations are available to SOU employees and students, offering all the standard software, and some specialty software, normally available on our lab computers. You can easily log in to them from anywhere. For instructions on how to do so, as well as a list of the software offered, visit the Remote Access section of our knowledgebase.

Qualtrics (for creating online surveys)

The Qualtrics Research Suite is available to all students, faculty, and staff. This easy-to-use, web-based survey software comes with a set of great introductory tutorials to help you get started. For more tutorials and documentation, visit the Qualtrics website.

To launch Qualtrics, look in MySOU on the Faculty/Staff tab (employees) or on the Student SISWEB tab under Online Services (students). You can also access Qualtrics through SOU Anywhere. For help activating your Qualtrics account when you log in for the first time, click here.


For information on how to purchase software through the university, please visit our Purchasing page.


For help installing or using a software product, contact your Computing Coordinator.  For support with software or equipment in our computer labs, contact the Classroom and Labs support team, who can be reached at 541-552-8900 or You can also stop by in-person if you’re in the Main Computer Lab. Just look for the IT Helpdesk.

We also provide in-depth training on many products. Please check our Training page for a schedule of upcoming classes.