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Southern Oregon University

The guidelines below are best thought of as starting points. They are, for the most part, common sense suggestions meant to answer some of the initial questions one might have when dealing with issues of brand and the media. They are also evolving documents that are meant to change over time as the needs of SOU change. If you can't find a guideline that addresses your need, contact Marketing & Communications and let's talk. This is especially true of social media and blogging where change is the rule rather than the exception.

  • SOU Brand Platform
    This document explains what makes SOU distinctive, and how we talk about and illustrate those distinctions. Included are the brand position statement, the brand promise, the University’s aspirational position in the marketplace, key messages, the brand personality, and how to refer to Southern Oregon University.
  • SOU Writing Style Guide
    The Style Guide addresses common issues that arise in writing for print publication at SOU. It covers usages specific to the University as well as being a general guide. It should be used as a supplement to The Chicago Manual of Style and other handbooks and style guides used by various departments on campus.
  • SOU Identity Standards and Logo Usage Style Guide
    This document identifies the elements of SOU’s brand identity system, and the rules for the use of graphics. It also provides references to assist you in their implementation. SOU’s graphic identities include the logotype family of Formal Word Marks, the Official Seal of the University, the Informal Word Mark, the Spirit Mark, and the Mascot.
  • SOU Social Media Guidelines
    Because social media can blur the lines between personal voice and institutional voice, the Social Media Guidelines are provided to help clarify how best to enhance and protect personal and professional reputations.
  • SOU Blog Guidelines
    The SOU Blog Guidelines cover the content and responsibilities of official University blogs such as Faculty Focus, Alumni in Action, and the Master in Management blog. They also cover the responsibilities that would be assumed by anyone who chooses to create a blog in the name of the University. Additionally, the guidelines cover the relationship between the University and offsite blogs maintained by students, administrators, faculty, staff, and alumni who wish to link to SOU via a “blogroll.”
  • SOU Media Relations Guidelines
    The Media Relations Guidelines explain what to do if you are contacted by a reporter. Although brief, the guidelines also profile local media, and what it takes for a story to become “news.”