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13 schools from Jackson, Josephine and Klamath counties representing 360 students participated in four meets during the 2013-2014 school year. These schools were divided into two divisions, 4A and 3A-2A. A total of 36 teams participated in all four meets with an additional 14 Junior SOML teams competing in the last meet. Members of the SOU mathematics faculty operated the meets. The coordinator, SOU Mathematics Senior Instructor Larry Shrewsbury, supervised the preparation of questions and created the reports.


Participating Schools in the Southern Oregon Mathematics League (SOML) 

4A Schools                                        3A-2A Schools

Ashland High School                         Gold Beach High School

Eagle Point High School                    Illinois Valley High School

Grants Pass High School                  Klamath Union High School

North Medford High School                North Valley High School

South Medford High School               Phoenix High School

St. Mary's High School                      Prospect


Participating Schools in the Junior Southern Oregon Mathematics League

4A Schools                                        3A-2A Schools

Ashland High School                          Illinois Valley High School

Eagle Point High School                    Klamath Union High School

Grants Pass High School                  North Valley High School

North Medford High School                Prospect High School

St. Mary's High School                      


SOML Mathematics League awards were given to the following                                              

4A Team Awards                      School           

1st      Infinitystroyer of W o r l  St. Mary's       

2nd     Summation Nationkers  Ashland       

3rd      GRIFFINdor                   North Medford


3A-2A Team Awards               School

1st       Mission Impossible      Klamath Union                       

2nd      Pumpkin Pi                  Klamath Union                  

3rd      Bad Asymptotesletes  Gold Beach                 


4A Individual Awards           Name /School

1st       Luke Eom                 St. Mary's

2nd      Pedro Tome Veira    Grants Pass                                      

3rd       Evan Begg                North Medford                    


3A -2A Individual Awards    Name/School

1st-Tie Chad Hayden             Klamath Union

2nd      Nick Haupt                 Klamath Union

3rd       Andrew Larson          Klamath Union


Students Invited to the Oregon Invitational mathematics Tournament held on May 19th at University of Oregon:

Student’s Name:                   School Name:

Level III (Geometry):

Denis Roman                       North Medford High School

Mathew Hageman                North Medford High School

Grace Lee hmond                North Medford High School

Ava Selvig                            Grants Pass High School

Jonathan Connolly                Ashland High School


Level IV (Algebra II):

Miklos Bowling                       St. Mary's High Schooll

Baylin Stich                            Ashland High School

Hannah Case chary) Long     South Medford High School

Micaela Levesgue Brennan    South Medford High School

Matt Nelson                             Grants Pass High School

Gage Fleming                         Grants Pass High School


Level V (Pre-Calculus):

Ethan Carrier                         Ashland High School

Camellia Chen                       Ashland High School

Gray Lunn                        Ca Ashland High School

Neil Purkhiser                        Klamath Union High School

Kelly Shi                                St. Mary's High School

Nate Dillon                            Grants Pass High School

Chloe Brown                         Ashland High School

Tiana SantaBarbara              Ashland High Schooll

Nora Honeycutt                     Ashland High Schooll


Level VI (Calculus):

Nolan Peard                          St. Mary's High School

Emily Xu                     S        St. Mary's High Schooll

Adam Lohman                       St. Mary's High School

Mason Pratt                       ....Grants Pass High School

Nathan Hoyt                           St. Mary's High School

Jerry Wen                              St. Mary's High School

Cody Frimel                  .        Grants Pass High School


Honorable Mention for Level II (Algebra I):

Jessica Powell                       Prospect High School