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Southern Oregon University

McNair Achievement Program

The SOU McNair program is designed to ensure that the student scholars, from any academic discipline, receive a bachelor degree, enroll in graduate school, and have the knowledge, skills, and background preparation that are required to successfully engage in graduate level programs with the ultimate goal of completion of a doctoral (Ph.D.) program.

Nationally, students from low-income backgrounds are eight times less likely to complete a bachelor degree than non-disadvantaged students, however the statistics for students participating in McNair programs reveal extremely high rates of baccalaureate matriculation and enrollment into graduate school programs, and these rates are much higher than rates for comparable populations who have not participated in the McNair program.

McNair participants are from disadvantaged backgrounds, most of them are the first in their families to be completing a bachelor degree or to go on to enroll in graduate programs. These scholars have demonstrated strong academic potential, are highly motivated, and have been selected for the honor of participating in the program. The program receives federal funding from the Department of Education however the federal funding is limited.

We are grateful for donations to our SOU McNair Program Foundation account so that we have discretionary funds that we can use to enhance existing opportunities and make new opportunities available, for example by providing expanded travel to graduate programs and/or bringing in experts to provide targeted workshops for the McNair program student scholars in support of their quest to prepare for and successfully attend graduate school. Your donation will help these student scholars to get the advanced education that they seek, and in turn assist them in their goals to positively influence our communities and our collective future.  

Thank you.