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Southern Oregon University

The Department of Music held the first Tenor Bass Festival for High School men in Southern Oregon--possibly the only such festival in the state! 25 men from high schools in the valley learned songs in two days, were rehearsed by Dr. Fredna Grimland, and performed at the Siskiyou Treble Festival to the delight of the audience. They were a huge success!C-MENC is a national, professional organization. Members particpate in activities including attendance at the state/regional convention, outreach to public schools, and attending regular meetings covering issues in music education such as advocacy, passing the praxis, and what is involved in student teaching. The goal is to prepare music education students for entering the professional world of the music educator as colleagues in education and performance.

As a service to faculty and students of SOU, MENC will provide and serve receptions for a nominal fee. Cookies and brownies are offered with punch on an attractively presented table. Additional nibbles can be provided, such as fruit and cheese, for an additional price. Please contact Fredna Grimland at the music department (552-6533) to make arrangements.Music Education students took a Music Fair to students in Central Point elementary schools, where music had been abolished for children in grades K-6. SOU students had the opportunity to practice teaching and shared musical activities like playing the recorder, playing simple percussion instruments, singing and song games, and music and movement. (Spring, 2004)

MENC also sells SOU music department T-shirts. More info ...