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Southern Oregon University

Music InstructionIn selecting music instruction as a major, Music Instruction Majors at SOU take all of the Core classes that are studied by Performance majors. This includes Music Theory, Aural Skills, Music History, Ensemble Performance, Conducting, and Applied Music Instruction on their principle instrument. They participate in instrumental and vocal forums, master classes, recitals, and concerts.

In addition, courses are designed to acquaint students with techniques and pedagogy of General Music Instruction and the preparation of choral and instrumental ensembles. As a component of these methods courses, students do field observation at local schools, participate in the classrooms alongside K-12 pupils, and assist experienced teachers in rehearsals and instruction.  Current SOU Catalog

Music InstructionDuring their senior year, music instruction students take the C-BEST and the PRAXIS examinations required to enter the fifth year program, the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT). The MAT program continues the preparation process for becoming professional educators and fosters scholarship, research, and leadership. Study in the MAT at Southern Oregon University includes special methods courses in music education as well as field experience and student teaching practicum with cooperating general music teachers and choral and instrumental directors in secondary schools. Completion of an MAT is necessary for teacher certification in the state of Oregon.  MAT


Fundamentals of Conducting:

The course is designed to develop basic skills necessary for the conductor. Areas studied include gesture and technique, score reading, score analysis and interpretation. Students learn to facilitate baton technique, varying articulations, dynamics, cueing, subdivisions and fermatas. Musical expression is emphasized throughout the term. The class offers hands-on experience every student gets the opportunity to serve as conductor for assigned excerpts. Music is selected to cover a broad range of musical demands. All solo conducting excerpts are video taped and evaluated by both student and instructor.

Choral Conducting:

In this class students are taught to study and prepare a score with detail in both artistic and practical elements. Because the art of singing is different from that of instrumental playing, students will learn to conduct in a way that helps singers to read intention, and they learn basic vocal pedagogy to teach singers to sing better. In addition, attention is given to piano accompaniments, problem solving and error detection and techniques to rehearse efficiently and didactically.

Conducting Student

Instrumental Conducting:

The course is designed to further develop skills necessary for the instrumental conductor. Topics emphasized during the term include: clefs and instrument transpositions, string bowings and articulations, asymmetrical meters, pattern modifications for phrasal conducting, contemporary notation and contemporary conducting techniques, error detection and diagnosis. The final project culminates with conducting the Southern Oregon University Symphonic Band.

Music Instruction Certificate

A Certificate in Music Instruction is proposed for students beginning in fall, 2005. Students seeking a music instruction certificate will have a total of 90 credits of music courses. 
Course Requirements for proposed Music Instruction Certificate [PDF] Please consult with your academic advisor before planning your courses.