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Southern Oregon University

Native American Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program in the Division of Humanities and Culture. The Native American Studies program aims to educate all students about the Native experience and the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of Oregon and North America.

The Certificate in Native American Studies prepares students to work effectively in Indian country. The certificate equips students of all backgrounds with the requisite knowledge and experience for any number of career paths, in addition to fostering personal growth and enrichment.

Native American Studies offers a 24 credit minor and a 36 credit certificate in Native American Studies which allows students to choose from a variety of comprehensive and interdisciplinary courses which are cross listed in the university catalog under Anthropology, Criminology, English, History, Psychology and Social Science.

Many practicum and internship opportunities exist both on campus, in the local community, and with tribal entities. Examples are the Native American Student Union (NASU), Konaway Nika Tillicum (Native American Youth Academy), and the Southern Oregon Historical Society.