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The following FAQs address general questions. Instructors should consult the Instructor FAQs within the Teaching at OLLI section.

Where is OLLI located?
How do I contact OLLI?
What are the office hours?
Can members take classes in both Ashland and Medford?
What does OLLI membership cost?
Is financial aid available?
Who can join OLLI?
How to join OLLI
Are there perks to OLLI membership?
Can OLLI members get a SOU student ID?
What are the benefits of having a SOU student ID?
How to request classes
How to get preferred classes
How to teach a course
Does OLLI offer a summer program?
How is OLLI governed?
Does OLLI hold all-member meetings?
Does OLLI offer opportunities for social interaction?
Is it necessary to join OLLI to attend single event lectures or forums?
Does OLLI have a code of conduct?
How can members offer comments and suggestions?

woman taking notesWhere is OLLI located?

OLLI has two campus locations: in Ashland at the Campbell Center at 655 Frances Lane and in Medford at the RCC-SOU Higher Education Center (HEC) at 101 S. Bartlett Street. Click here for detailed directions and parking information for both locations. Click here for a PDF map of Campbell Center.

How do I contact OLLI?

The main OLLI office is at the Campbell Center in Ashland and can be visited in person during regular office hours (see below). The office phone number is 541-552-6048, and the email address is See also: Contact Us page.

What are the office hours?

When classes are in session, office hours at the Campbell Center in Ashland are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm, except for SOU holidays. An OLLI staff member is available in Medford at the HEC, Room 104 Tuesday through Friday, 8:30 am to 1:30 pm when classes are in session.

Can members take OLLI classes in both Medford and Ashland?

Yes. Membership allows class attendance on either campus.

What does membership in OLLI cost?

OLLI Annual Membership Dues are $125 per person for the entire academic year (three quarters), September to June, and are nonrefundable. Dues cover as many courses as can be scheduled, depending on space. The fee is not pro-rated for members joining OLLI mid-year. However, for Spring 2014 there is a special introductory fee of $75, which includes full membership benefits for that particular term.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, there is a reduced OLLI Membership Program. Prospective OLLI members who are interested in joining or renewing their membership, but cannot afford to pay the full $125, can apply for a scholarship by filling out a Reduced Membership Application Form [PDF]. This form is available in the OLLI office or online. The applicant is asked to write a brief summary of the personal circumstances creating financial hardship and the amount they are asking OLLI to subsidize. This information is kept strictly confidential. Anya Neher, OLLI’s Program Coordinator, reviews and approves these scholarships. Contact her for more information.

Who can join OLLI?

The OLLI program is geared to older adults with a flexible daytime schedule; however, consistent with SOU Nondiscrimination Policy, neither age, race, national origin, religion, sex, handicap or marital status are considerations with regard to OLLI membership.

How to become an OLLI member:

There are two ways to sign up as an OLLI member and pay the member fee: using the online registration system or completing a manual form. Click here for details.

Are there perks to OLLI membership?

Yes. All that is needed is an OLLI name badge to take advantage of the following:

  • SOU Bookstore – 10% senior discount offered to senior OLLI members; bring your OLLI name badge.
  • Theatre – $15 “senior subscriber” ticket rate at SOU Theatre Arts performances

Can OLLI members get a SOU student ID?

  • There are two ways that OLLI members can get a SOU student ID:Audit any class at SOU with instructor permission. For those 65 or older and an Oregon resident, there is no audit fee. (Otherwise, regular tuition applies.) Audit forms can be obtained thru SOU's Registrar's Office or in the OLLI office at 655 Frances Lane in Ashland.
  • Take an OLLI course that has been qualified as a SOU One Credit Course. See description of qualifications

After qualifying, you can request a student ID card at SOU Enrollment Services located in Britt Hall on the Ashland campus. Be sure to bring photo ID with you when you go. Hold on to your student ID card for future use, since you will have to pay for a new one if you lose it. The card does not expire; however, it is only valid for those terms in which you enroll as an SOU student.

What are the benefits to having an SOU student ID?

If you qualify as an SOU student (see qualifications in above question), you will receive the following benefits during the term in which you qualify:

  • Check out material at the Hannon Library. Use the SOU student ID or driver’s license and OLLI badge at the library circulation desk.
  • Purchase a yearly parking pass for parking in any of the student “green commuter” lots.
  • Purchase a discounted bus pass through SOU Enrollment Services. There is a one-time fee of $15 for the card and $15 per term to receive the sticker.

How to request classes:

There are two ways to sign up for OLLI courses, manually and online. For complete details, click here.

How to get preferred classes:

Members have a period of time to submit course requests after the course catalog becomes available and before the published deadline for the computerized class assignment occurs. During this interval, the timing of when members submit course requests does not affect a member’s chances of being admitted to a class. All requests are processed at the same time on the day after the deadline. While there are many classes to choose from, demand for some classes exceeds the available space. See this guide to Getting the Courses You Want. [PDF]

How to teach a course:

The Class Guidelines and Proposal section on the Teach a Course page of the web site describes this process and provides a course proposal form, which can also be picked up in the OLLI office.

Does OLLI offer a summer program?

There are no courses offered during the summer, but special lectures are sometimes scheduled. If so, these will be announced on the home page.

How is OLLI Governed?

OLLI is a member-run organization led by a Council, with functional areas headed by Committee Chairs. For more details about OLLI Leadership, click here. For details of the bylaws that govern OLLI, including the election of Council members, click here.

Does OLLI hold all-member meetings?

Yes, OLLI hold an annual meeting prior to the end of each OLLI at SOU academic year. The purpose of this meeting is for Council to update members on current business and for members to bring matters to the Council. It is also an opportunity for members to convene. In addition, the Council may call special membership meetings as necessary. Click here for OLLI Bylaws governing member meetings.

Does OLLI offer opportunities for social interaction?

In addition to opportunities to interact with other OLLI members in class and through participation as an OLLI volunteer, OLLI holds social events to which all members are invited at least quarterly. Typically, there are parties in the fall and winter quarters and an Ice Cream Social associated with the Annual Meeting and an Annual Picnic held during the& spring term. Other social opportunities include receptions for new members and instructors, as well as fun-themed fundraisers.

Is it necessary to join OLLI to attend single event programs?

No. When classes are in session OLLI sponsors weekly lectures each Wednesday that classes are in session from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on the Ashland campus and quarterly forums on the Medford campus. Also, generally once a year OLLI sponsors a Vital Issues Forum. These programs are free and open to the public. For more information about these events, click here.

Does OLLI have a Code of Conduct?

Yes. The OLLI Code of Conduct provides guidelines for membership in the OLLI at SOU community, with an emphasis on respect for oneself and for all members of the campus community. Members and instructors are encouraged to review these policies.

How Can Members Offer Comments and Suggestions?

Feedback about the OLLI at SOU program can be provided in many ways: by contacting the OLLI Program Coordinator, contacting an OLLI Council member (see OLLI Leadership page), attending a Council meeting (see Calendar), or by providing input via the Online Suggestion Box.