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Southern Oregon University

Thanks to the generous support of the Osher Foundation, OLLI members, and other donors, OLLI at SOU offers scholarships (reduced memberships) to those in financial need. Your contribution to the OLLI Annual Fund makes Scholarships possible for older Rogue Valley residents who would not be able to participate otherwise. Thank you!

For more information about how scholarships work at OLLI, please continue reading below:

Prospective OLLI members who are interested in joining or renewing their membership, but cannot afford to pay the full $125, can apply for a scholarship. A Reduced Membership Application Form will be available here soon in PDF format. These forms are available in the OLLI office. The applicant is asked to write a brief summary of the personal circumstances creating financial hardship and the amount they are asking OLLI to subsidize. This information is kept strictly confidential. Anya Neher, OLLI’s Program Coordinator, reviews and approves these scholarships. The budgetary funds are provided out of the OLLI Annual Fund (unrestricted funds) or the OLLI Scholarship Fund (restricted for scholarships only.) In addition, the scholarship recipient is asked to volunteer, at some point during the academic year, on one of the many OLLI Volunteer-run Committees. This volunteer commitment encourages OLLI members’ participation and social interaction – one of the features that makes OLLI a tremendous success!