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Southern Oregon University

OLLI provides its members and the community with a single topic forum at least once a year that features renowned speakers and focuses on topics and challenges facing us today. These programs are typically held in the Stevenson Union at Southern Oregon University. Admittance is free, but pre-registration is suggested.

Note: One or more of the OLLI public educational programs may present one view of a matter of public debate. Views expressed by the speakers are not necessarily those of OLLI or Southern Oregon University.

2012-2013 Vital Issues program:

The Healthy Aging Brain:  Making the Most of Your Mature Mind

This forum held October 28, 2012, featured Judith Horstman, a former journalism professor at Oregon State University, a Fulbright scholar and an award-winning science writer. In this talk she described what recent research in neuroscience has taught us about how the brain ages and how we can enhance and preserve a rich and varied mental life. Her books have been written in collaboration with Scientific American and include A Day in the Life of Your Brain (2009), Brave New Brain (2010), The Book of Love, Sex and the Brain (2011), and The Healthy Aging Brain (2012). Click here for Judith Horstman's website.