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Southern Oregon University


In order to save paper and money, we prefer electronic distribution of any course materials you wish your students to have. Instructions on how to email your students are sent to all instructors about a month in advance of the start of classes. You may also obtain a copy of the instructions by contacting or stopping by the OLLI office. 

Another method of communicating with your students is to create a Google Site for your class. You must have a Google account to create a Google Site (it's free), but your students will not need a Google account to access the materials you publish on your Google Site. If you want training on how to create a Google Site, please contact Jeff Anderson, SOU Computing Coordinator, at, or call 541-552-6936.

If you need paper copies made for any students who do not use email, please visit the OLLI office for assistance. Last–minute requests for copying help are discouraged; please try to plan ahead and give the office at least a couple of work days to fulfill your request. 

For additional help or information, please contact the OLLI office.