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Southern Oregon University

Outdoor Program

Local Resources*

The area around Ashland is rich with outdoor opportunities. Whenever you go to spend time outside with friends it is important to know a little bit about what you are getting into. If it is your first time doing something, it may be wise to hire a guide.

The S.O.U. Outdoor Program will provide you with the information you need to have fun in the outdoors in a safe way. If you have questions about the area, nearby attractions, or anything that might have just a little to do with being outside, make the Outdoor Program your first stop for information.

Below is a list of links to websites that you may find helpful as you plan your trip.

  • Water (Rivers, Creeks, Lakes, and Surf)
  • Snow (Local mountain resorts and back-country excursions)
  • Dirt (Hiking and biking, but when it's wet... MUDDIN'!)
  • Climbing (Wanna learn about rocks? Can't take Geology but you can still climb)
  • Local Resources (They are resources of a local nature)
  • Miscellaneous 

*These are presented as a courtesy... the SOU Outdoor Program makes no claims regarding the information presented on these websites.