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Southern Oregon University

Listed below are the current and past staff members for the Outdoor Program! If you wish to get in contact with anyone,  search for their name in your student directory. 



william long 

Name: William Long

Position: Outdoor Programs Coordinator

Pro Tip: Love serving others!

OP Coordinator since Spring 2014


Rayna Hagie 

Name: Rayna Hagie

Position: Outdoor Programs Student Coordinator

Pro Tip: Get outside enough that you know the phases of the moon.

OP Student Coordinator since Spring 2014





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Name: Shanna'Le Juniper Ashworth

Position: Service & Stewardship Manager

Pro Tip: Allow yourself to paddle through the great depths of adventure, climb the rocks of youth & discovery, and ride the single track trails of your curiosity- Dig your toes in the dirt, dude!

Working for the OP since Spring 2014


Rose A

Name: Rose Averbeck

Position: Rock gym supervisor

Pro Tip: Never stop going outside and playing

Working for the OP since fall 2013


mcloughlin 1

Name: Cory Barineau

Position: Kayak Manager

Pro Tip: Get involved in everything that you can! It's amazing the connections that you will make and how much people will help you make stuff happen.

Working for the OP since Winter 2014


Daniel C

Name: Daniel Collay

Position: Gear Manager

Pro Tip: Diversify your outdoor portfolio. Don't be afraid to try new things

Working for the OP since Fall 2012


Granados OP Staff Bio Pic 1

Name: Nathan Granados

Position: Mountain Bike Manager

Pro Tip: Pedal more, brake less!

Working for the OP since Winter 2012

emmeline pic

Name: Emmeline Hall

Position: ICC Coordinator

Pro Tip: Make plenty of mistakes. If you didn't lost the map, paddle past the take-out, accidentally leave someone behind, melt your boots by the campfire, let the tank reach empty, or realize the bear outside your tent is actually a ground squirrel - you didn't have an adventure!

Working for the OP since Fall 2014



Name: Brod McLaughlin

Position: Diversity and Inclusion Outreach Coordinatorr

Pro Tip: Keep an open mind, explore often, and share the outdoors with everyone!

Working for the OP since Fall 2014

Emily M


Name: Emily Miller

Position: Women's Outreach Coordinator

Pro Tip: Don't forget to slow down, breathe, and take it all in!

Working for the OP since Fall 2013



Name: Kelly Sosa

Position: Marketing Managerr

Pro Tip: Bigfoot has been doing it for years. . . LEAVE NO TRACE!

Working for OP since Spring 2013

Althea S


Name: Althea Sullivan

Position: Whitewater Program Director

Pro Tip: We are all between swims, keep your river shoes clean!

Working for OP since Fall 2011



Name: Topher Timzen

Position: Hiking and Backpacking Program Director / Outdoor Programs Webmaster

Pro Tip: Ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain; pack light but efficient... 

Working for OP since Spring 2011




zack green

Name: Zack Green

Position: Outdoor Programs Coordinator

 Retired Winter 2014 to take a job in Boone, NC! 

Tyler M


Name: Tyler McFarlane

Position: Program Gear Manager

Past Position: Stewardship Program Director

Pro Tip: Don't put twinkies on your pizza.




Alex A


Name: Alex Angstadt

Position: Marketing Manager

Pro Tip: There are no bad days, just bad equipment... and bad attitudes!


Keenan H


 Name: Keenan Huschke

Position: Outdoor Programs Student Coordinator

Pro Tip: I try and drink a ton of water before I surf, that way you can pee in your wetsuit to warm up. I would highly recommend you try this when you surf in the frigid pacific northwest. 

Sara K

Name: Sara-Kate Parker

Position: Rockin' Intern

What she likes best about the OP: I love working with these crazy kids!


Mandy T

Name: Mandy Twitchell

Position: General  Office Staff

What she likes best about the OP: I'm stoked to be a part of something that advocates positive attitudes, personal motivation, & better living!


David W

Name: David Westley

Position: General Office Staff

What he likes best about the OP:  One of the best things about the OP is we're all friends here, even if we haven't met before. We're all friends.


 Brandon W

Name: Brandon Worthington 

Position: Climbing Program Director

Pro Tip: Find a good crack and set your nuts real hard!