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Southern Oregon University

Mission Statement

The department of Physics and Engineering delivers a quality curriculum both towards the degree and the general education requirements, and provides professional opportunities for students and faculty. However, we cannot accept new applicants for degrees in these disciplines. The department is an effective contributor to SOU's mission of healthy development of the region and state, and a vital partner in national and international engagements. The department is nationally recognized for undergraduate research in materials science.

The Department

The physics department at Southern Oregon University introduces students to concepts in physics, engineering, and materials science; familiarizes students with techniques for solving real problems and investigating current issues; and encourages students to exercise judgment in evaluating a solution. The department offers excellent preparation for students pursuing careers in research or teaching and for pre-professional students.

SOU's full-time faculty consist of four professors, three of whom are trained materials scientists. The department's individually tailored and innovative degree options include physics, applied physics, materials science, and engineering. Students receive intensive preparation in fundamental physical theory and participate in faculty research during their undergraduate studies.

"What is materials science?" This is a question that can be answered with yet another question: "Everything is made out of something, right?"