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Southern Oregon University

Winter 2009 News


Fall 2008 News

  • Dr. Wu is on Sabbatical this year!
  • Dr. Siem participated in the Strong Girls, Strong Women 6-week science workshop at Hellman Elementary and gave two Science shows at the local Scienceworks museum.


Spring 2008 News

  • The  2nd annual Materials Day Workshop was a success! 
    • Dr. Wu helped the participants form plumes from lasers, deposit thin metal films, and see how buckyballs are made in the lab.
    • Dr. Quainoo (with students Ryan Cleveland and Cody Mitchell-Chavez) helped the participants investigate the relationship between a material's atomic structure and its mechanical properties by breaking and indenting samples of various processing treatments.
    • Dr. Siem helped the participants use an electron beam to see details of brittle and ductile fracture surfaces and then x-ray diffraction to see the atomic structure of a material.
    • Jennifer Brown (SOU student) used solar panels to generate the electricity that powered her radio!
  • Over 100 middle school girls from the region attended AWSEM (Advancing Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics) on Saturday, April 19.  Dr. Siem presented 3 workshops during the event entitled "Why You Can See Through Windows But Not Walls".  
  • Drs. Quainoo, Siem, and Wu continue to host high school students from Medford for 30-minute workshops.
  • The Physics Club is planning  several events - please contact Bram Van Cleave if you would like more information:
    • a Physics Demo Show for SOAR
    • T-Shirts
    • Physics Movie All-Nighters
    • Memorial Weekend Camping Trip (in conjunction with Math)
  • Students are studying


Winter 2008 News

  • A 100-level Honors course on Nanoparticles is offered by Dr. Siem.  The class explores new developments in nanotechnology and designs Nanopoly based on quantum structures, nanotubes, buckeyballs, and drug delivery systems.  Click here for photos of a recent game.
  • PH431 (Electricity & Magnetism) students build Kelvin's Thunderstorm!
  • Planning for our participation in both AWSEM and a Materials Science Workshop in April is underway.
  • Students are working in lab, studying, and taking exams


Fall 2007 News

  • It's official - our Materials Science & Engineering courses are up and running!  Contact Dr. George Quainoo for more information.


Spring 2007 News

  • Drs. George Quainoo and Ellen Siem present at the Oregon Section of the American Association for Physics Teachers. 
  • Fun presentations from Dr. Siem's Physics 202 class... Click here to experience thermal expansion and sound.
  • Fun presentations from Dr. Siem's Physics 407 (Nanotechnology) class... Click here to experience nanotubes in swords, quantum dots in photovoltaics, water remediation, carbon nanotube tethers....


Winter 2007 News

  • Prospective students from Corvallis visit on 12/11/06 to tour the new Materials Science facilities! Click here for the photos.
  • New upper-level Nanotechnology course to kick off as a seminar in Winter Quarter! For details, contact Dr. Ellen Siem at sieme[at]