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Southern Oregon University

  • Natural Aging Behaviour of AA6111 Aluminum, accepted for publication in Ghana Journal of Science (2006)
  • Alloys for Autos, in Southern Oregonian Magazine, 19 (Fall/Winter 2006)
  • High Power Density from a Miniature Mircobial Fuel Cell Using Shewanella Oneidensis DSP10, Environmental Science & Technology, 40(8), 2629 (2006)
  • The Melting Behavior of Faceted Particles Embedded in the Solid State: A Family of Wulff shapes, Journal of Materials Science, 41(9), 2703 (2006)
  • Microstructural evolution in AA6111 aluminum during cold work and aging, in Proceedings of the International Symposium on Light Metals, Ed. J. P. Martin, (2005)
  • Orientation-Dependent Surface Tension Functions for Surface Energy Minimizing Calculations, Proceedings of the Eleventh Conference on Intergranular Interphase Boundaries, Journal of Materials Science, 40(12), 3107 (2005)
  • Melting of Embedded Anisotropic Particles: PbIn in Al, Philosophical Magazine, 85(12), 1273 (2005)
  • PhD student