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Southern Oregon University

Research in the Department

  • Dr. Sidney Abrahams
  • Dr. George Quainoo
    • Characterization of decomposition reactions in metal alloys for engineering application.
    • Precipitation kinematics in aluminum alloys for auto panel application.
    • Creep behavior in metal alloys for engineering applications.
    • Deformation and thermo-mechanical interaction effects on mechanical properties in metals for engineering application.
  • Dr. Panos Photinos
    • Physical properties of liquid crystals.
    • Rheological properties of complex fluids.
    • Ferroelectric materials.
    • Origin of the large scale structure in the Universe.
  • Dr. Ellen Siem
    • Continuum modelling of materials structures.
    • Interfaces of nanoscale materials.
    • Wetting phenomena in confined geometries.
  • Dr. Peter Wu
    • Pulsed Laser Deposition - PLD of ferroelectric materials and MAPLE.
    • Direct Write techniques - Bio-LP and MAPLE-DW.
    • Acoustics of guitars.