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Southern Oregon University

For more information about a specific policy below, call the Policy Contact or Custodial Office if listed within the policy document, otherwise call the Finance and Administration office at 541 552-6319. If you are unable to find a policy consider looking at the SOU specific OAR's.

FAD.002 Access to and Maintenance of Administrative Personnel Files
FAD.005 Administrators Compensation
FAD.008 Administrators Grievances

FAD.011 Administrators Leaves

FAD.012 Administrators Performance Management

FAD.013 Administrators Recruitment

FAD.018 Administrators Appointment and Non-renewal Notification

FAD.021 Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Statement

FAD.003 Asbestos Management

FAD.004 Budget Carryover

FAD.036 Communications Guidelines
FAD.037 Computer Accounts
FAD.038 Computing Resources Acceptable Use
FAD.006 Conflict of Interest Consensual Relationships
FAD.022 Disabled Veteran/Disabled Person Statement
FAD.025 Drug, Alcohol, and Weapons
FAD.031 Drug Free Workplace

FAD.039 Electronic Commerce Privacy
FAD.044 Employee Housing
FAD.007 Facilities Use
FAD.001 Financial Irregularities
FAD.044 Gift Certificates
FAD.026 Green Purchasing Policy
FAD.032 Hazardous Waste Disposal

FAD.040 Information Security
FAD.014 Keys

FAD.009 Naming Facilities
FAD.010 Outdoor Memorials
FAD.035 Payroll Advance

FAD.034 Purchasing Card
FAD.024 Registered Sexual Offender, Employment of
FAD.043 Royalty Income
FAD.015 Sexual Harassment
FAD.023 Sexual Harassment Statement
FAD.028 Student Account Appeals

FAD.029 Student Past Due Accounts

FAD.030 Student Payment on Account
FAD.027 Student Required Fees
FAD.041 Surplus Computer Equipment Disposal
FAD.016 Temporary Closure or Curtailment of University Services
FAD.017 Temporary Support Staff Appointment
FAD.019 Unclassified Academic and Administrative Positions
FAD.020 Vehicle Use and Operation
FAD.042 Wireless Services Allowance

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