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Southern Oregon University


On June 30, 2015, the Oregon State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) and the Oregon University System (OUS) closed their operations. Pursuant to Oregon Senate Bill 270 (2013) Section 170(8), the lawfully adopted rules and
policies of the SBHE and OUS that were in effect on June 30 transferred to Southern Oregon University (SOU). Such OUS and SBHE policies remain in effect at SOU until lawfully superseded or repealed by SOU. In addition to
the university policies presented on the SOU Policy web page, the SBHE and OUS policies presented in the following documents continue to apply to SOU:

- Oregon Administrative Rules – Chapter 580

- SBHE Board Policies

- Internal Management Directives

- Fiscal Policy Manual

- 2015-16 OUS Fee Book

We are currently undertaking the significant task of reorganizing the collected SOU, OUS, and SBHE policies into a more presentable policy web site and manual. While that work is underway, the documents posted on this page  are presented here so that the university community has access to the policies that previously applied at OUS and continue to apply at SOU. Because the OUS website is no longer operative, we have posted only the table of contents for the Fiscal Policy Manual here. The content of the Fiscal Policy Manual is available upon request by contacting Steve Larvick at

Additional transferred policies:

Transferred SBHE Policy on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting

Transferred Policy on Student Loan Debt Management and Outreach