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Southern Oregon University


As the coach or captain of an intramural team it is your responsibility to ensure your team members follow the given guidelines while engaged in our league. Coaches are expected to communicate effectively with the on-site supervisor and relay any concerns to the Recreation Coordinator as soon as possible to ensure an effective course of action can take place.Coaches and captains are responsible for relaying the rules, as well as reminding your teammates to bring their ID. The Recreation Coordinator and the supervisor on duty have the right to check any participant to ensure the integrity of the league is upheld at anytime. As coaches and captains it’s your responsibility to make sure you and your team are competitively respectful to each other, the officials and observers as well.



A. Current SOU Students? -YES

B. Current Faculty and Staff? -YES

C. Alumni? - NO, even if you just graduated. Sorry.

D. Athletes of that sport?

YES, if that athlete has finished their senior season and the sport is available.

NO, if an athlete is still a part of the same varsity sport as the intramural offered.

E. Community Members? -NO, intramural leagues are solely for our enrolled students and hired faculty.


SOU Intramurals encourages healthy competition, physically and mentally. Keeping choice language and profanity to a minimum is required and expected of our participants. Students and faculty have autonomy in this program to be creative and take ownership but remember this is an all inclusive program. Frightening, threatening, physical or discriminatory confrontations of any sort will not be tolerated, even in the heat of competition. If behavior is out of the control of the supervisor on duty, CPS will be called and you will be escorted off the property with further sanctions by the Recreation Coordinator and possibly the University.