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Southern Oregon University

The Southern Oregon University Research Center (SOURCE) is a hub for applied research and analysis in Oregon. Through collaboration with students, faculty, and professionals SOURCE completes program evaluations, survey research, implementation studies and economic analysis to better our region.

Current Projects
  • During the spring and summer of 2009, we conducted a survey of trail users for the Jacksonville Woodlands Association.  This project involved faculty and students from Sociology, Economics, and Environmental Studies.

  • We are currently working with Southern Oregon Head Start on a two-year evaluation of a health literacy program for Head Start parents in Josephine and Jackson Counties.  This project involves Sociology faculty, and a Psychology graduate student.  Community partners include the Josephine County Health Department, Oregon Health Management Systems, The Siskiyou Community Health Center, and the Mid-Rogue Independent Physicians Association.

  • We are finishing the first component of a four-year analysis of the economic and social impact of the removal of the Gold Ray Dam in Jackson County. Environmental Studies faculty and students and Sociology faculty and students are working on this project. Our community partners include Jackson County and the Rogue Valley Council of Governments.

  • Dr. Alison Burke, from the department of Criminology and Criminal Justice is collaborating with Dr. Eva Skuratowicz at SOURCE to evaluate the effectiveness of afterschool programs on deterring school-age children from engaging in delinquent behaviors.  A CCJ student and an anthropology student are assisting in this research.

  • Starting in January, 2011, we will survey 1,600 property owners with significant wildland interface for the Rogue Valley Fire Prevention Cooperative.  The research will focus on "defensible space" and attitudes regarding wildfire management.  The communities being studied will be the Applegate, Ashland, Greensprings, and Seven Basins.