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Southern Oregon University

Gold Ray Dam

Gold Ray Dam Removal  Gold Ray Dam

Findings for the social and economic impact of the removal of the Gold Ray Dam.

Preliminary Presentation

Social and Economic Impact Report

Earth Island journal, Winter 2014

"After the FloodDams across the United States are being decommissioned and
rivers restored to their natural flow. As scientists are learning, tearing
down the barriers is just the first step in returning a river to health."
By Juliet Grable



BLM Table Rocks

Table Rock Geology  Table Rock

Hikers of the Table Rocks: Public Input on the Table Rocks Based on 2011 Survey Data from Recreational Users.

Table Rocks Final Report


Oregon Winery Census

Since 2012, SOURCE has been gathering and reporting the previous year's wine production numbers for the state of Oregon.  For the 2012 production year, SOURCE also included vineyard production in the report and did a separate analysis of grape prices.   These reports include grape production by acreage, AVA, county, variety, and price as well as wine production by AVA, county, tons crushed, variety, and domestic and foreign sales.  Grape price reports include price per ton by variety.

2011 Winery Report

2012 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report

2012 Final Grape Summary

2013 Preliminary Grape Pricing Report

2013 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report

2014 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report