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Southern Oregon University

Listed below are the 2013-14 Faculty Senate Members. Members' office phone numbers, committee assignments, constituencies and terms are listed. 


2013-14 Faculty Senate Membership

Senator Phone Constituency Committee Term Term End
Jackie Apodaca 2-7020 Performing Arts   First 2015-2016
Amy Belcastro 2-8245 At-Large  C on C N/A 2014-2015
  Greg Gassman 2-6095 for Belcastro in Spring term      
Deborah Brown 2-6267 USem   First 2013-2014
Todd Carney 2-6646 History & Political Science  C on C First 2013-2014
David Carter 2-6506 CCJ  Chair, AC Second 2014-2015
Kate Cleland-Spifle 2-6839 Library  EC First 2013-2014
Curtis Feist 2‑6577 Mathematics  Academic Standards Second 2013-2014
Carol Ferguson 2-6748 At-Large  N/A N/A 2014-2015
Steve Jessup 2-6804 Environmental Studies  C on C Second 2014-2015
John King 2-6261 At-Large   N/A 2013-2014
 Dennis Jablonski 2-8914 for King Spring term      
Byron Marlowe 2-6491 Business  AC First 2013-2014
Richard May 2-6788 Biology  Constitution First 2013-2014
Kasey Mohammad 2-6644 LLP  EC First 2013-2014
Pete Nordquist 2-6148 At-Large  Constitution N/A 2014-2015
Garth Pittman 2-6671 Communication  Vice Chair, AC First 2013-2014
Vicki Purslow 2-6538 At-Large   N/A 2015-2016
John Richards 2-6281 SSPC  AC First 2014-2015
Mary Russell-Miller 2-6990 Psychology   First 2014-2015
Kevin Sahr 2-6978 Computer Science  Webmaster First 2013-2014
Larry Shrewsbury 2-6583 At-Large  Secretary, AC N/A 2014-2015
Robin Strangfeld 2‑6385 Art & Art History  C on C Second 2013-2014
     Marlene Alt 2-6567 for Strangfeld in Fall term      
Jamie Vener 2-8665 Health, PE & Leadership  AC, EC First 2013-2014
Erin Wilder 2‑6953 Education   First 2014-2015
Elizabeth Whitman 2-8406 At-Large   N/A 2015-2016


2013-2014 Faculty Senate Advisory Council



Senate Chair Dave Carter
Vice Chair Garth Pittman
Secretary Larry Shrewsbury
Past Chair Jody Waters
Senator Byron Marlowe
Senator John Richards  
Senator Jamie Vener


2013-2014 Other Faculty Representation


Position Name
AOF Kemble Yates
IFS Charles Lane
IFS, UPB Jody Waters





Key to Committee Abbreviations:

AC = Advisory Council
AOF = Association of Oregon Faculty
BC = Budget Committee
C on C = Committee on Committees
EC = Election Committee
IFS = Interinstitutional Faculty Senate
UPB = University Planning Board