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Southern Oregon University

What is the Shakespeare Studies minor?

Shakespeare Studies focuses on the production of Shakespeare's plays and their cultural impact over the past four centuries. An interdisciplinary field, Shakespeare Studies connects the playwright and his work to the culture of Renaissance England: political and social history, science, religion, geography, the arts. The Shakespeare Studies minor draws on the resources of seven academic departments and programs, the 10,000-volume Margery Bailey Renaissance Collection, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

What majors go well with Shakespeare Studies?

Theater Arts, History, and English are typical majors of students who minor in Shakespeare Studies. But if you're really interested in Shakespeare, you'll find meaningful connections to your major course of study even in such fields as anthropology, biology, communication, international studies, music, or philosophy.

What use is a minor in Shakespeare Studies?

The Shakespeare Studies minor is a way to engage in genuinely interdisciplinary study during your four years here, taking fullest advantage of unique area resources such as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It also offers a head start toward a graduate school specialization and/or a career in such fields as arts management, theater education, dramaturgy, teaching, and others.

How do I minor in Shakespeare Studies?




Start by taking a lower-division core course such as Shakespeare Studies 236 (Introduction to Shakespeare Studies), Shakespeare Studies/English/Theatre Arts 201/202 (Shakespeare) or an elective such as Film Studies 236 (Shakespeare on Film).  You don’t have to begin with Introduction to Shakespeare Studies.  Please contact Dr. David McCandless, Shakespeare Studies Director, for advice.




Required core (12 credits)

  • Introduction to Shakespeare Studies (ShS 236)
  • Shakespeare (ShS/Eng/TA 201 or 202)
  • An upper-division Shakespeare Studies course, from among Studies in Shakespeare (ShS/Eng/TA 436), Summer Shakespeare Intensive (ShS 438) or Special Topics (ShS 399) 

Electives (11 credits = any three courses below)

  • Shakespeare (ShS/Eng/TA 201 or 202) - whichever is not already being taken to meet the Required core
  • Italian Renaissance Art (ArtH 431)
  • Major Figures in Literature (Eng 448/548)
  • Topics in Drama (TA 458)
  • Shakespeare on Film (Flm 236)
  • English History (Hst 305)
  • History of Music (Mus 360)
  • Renaissance and Reformation, 1300-1600 (Hst 427)
  • Period Styles II (TA 451)
  • Drama in Western Culture (TA 467)



and if not being used to satisfy the 12-credit Required core, any of the following courses:


  • Shakespeare (ShS/Eng/TA 436)
  • Summer Shakespeare Intensive (ShS 438)
  • Special Topics (ShS 399)

Please note that ShS 436, ShS 438 and ShS 399 may be taken for repeat credit.  When one of these courses is taken to meet the Shakespeare Studies Required core requirement, it may be taken again to be used as a Shakespeare Studies elective.