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Southern Oregon University

A display of original artwork, either a single piece or a collection artwork. This can include studio art, digital art, films, or other displays.

Exhibitions will be displayed in the Hannon Library for the entire month of May, and will be included in the SOAR First Friday Artwalk event on May 2, 5:30-8:00 PM. Exhibit submissions must be completed by April 21 in order to be part of the First Friday Artwalk. Exhibit participants are encouraged to attend the Artwalk to present and discuss their work with visitors. 

Students must include a faculty contact.

Students apply for an exhibition by completing the following, easy steps:

  1. Go to the SOAR 2014 application site
  2. Select “Student”
  3. Enter your name
  4. If more than one student will participate in the submission, use “Add Another Person” feature.
  5. Enter title of your exhibition.
  6. Enter abstract text (this information will be used in the exhibit as your artist statement).
  7. In the “Additional Needs” box, include information on the type/media of your work, number of pieces, measurements, etc. If you are submitting a digital project, include format type(s) and playing time. If you have any special installation needs, include that information here.


Sample Exhibition Abstract from SOAR

Title: The Descent

Abstract: The Octopus is the first sea creature I have painted. I chose the Octopus because I have always been impressed with it's abilities to both camouflage itself by changing color and change the topographical texture of its skin.