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Southern Oregon University

Performances allow innovation in multiple areas of artistic expression. Performances can include music, excerpts of plays, dance, readings, and more.

Performances often require large or unique spaces. Performances may be scheduled Wednesday, May 14 or Thursday, May 15 between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM. A special time slot is scheduled for Friday, May 16 for Music and Theatre performances.

Length of performances will be scheduled per your request.

Faculty or students apply to present a performance by completing the following, easy steps:

  1. Go to SOAR 2014 application site.
  2. Select Faculty or Student.
  3. Enter names of students participating in the performance.
  4. Enter title of performance.
  5. Include Faculty Contact (required).
  6. Enter abstract text.

Sample Performance Abstract from SOAR:

Title: Studying Classical Voice

Abstract: I will be performing a few pieces of music from my upcoming Junior Recital: Der Tod, das ist die kϋhle Nacht, and Psyché. I will also present a poster that illustrates the process of studying classical voice. This presentation will include copies of my recital sheet music along with my notes, translations, and the general process a student undergoes in studying a piece of classical vocal music.