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Southern Oregon University

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Preview Session 9:30-11:30AM
Presentation Session 12:00-1:30 PM

SU Rogue River Room
Students display and discuss projects from a variety of academic disciplines. See list below for individual presenters and poster titles.

Complications of Semantic Variability regarding Gender Terms
Eric Corbin, Christina Newhall, Cortney Wise

Lu-cha! Lu-cha! Lu-cha!: Immigration Trends
Sean McLeary

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Stem Cell Research
Melino Gianotti, Nolawit Kebede

Characterization of Immune-Activating Antiviral Molecule
Victor DePhillips, Carolina Regalado

Earthen Dam Provides Habitat for Black Salamander Population
Colin Guiley

Business Administration
SolarPowered Business Plan
Alfonzo Chavez

Biochemical effects of 2,3-Bisphosphoglycerate
Trent Kaiser

Chemical Analysis of Lithium
Christopher Shawl

Comparative Analysis of Total Antioxidant Capacity Assays
Aaron Rider

Liquid Crystal Order Parameters by Laser Raman Spectroscopy
Jason Sorensen

Optimization of Programmable RNA Vaccines
Kristin Fitzpatrick

Tissue Specific Alkaline Phosphatase Overexpression
Samantha Hinckley

Early Childhood Development
Brains on the Move
Jules Boufford, Natalie Emerson

Bringing Literacy Home
Nicole Clayton

Cooking with Preschoolers
Baylee Thompson

Infant Language Development - Starting the Conversation
Kathleen Iubatti

Literacy & Language in Early Childhood
Brianna Hunt

School-To-Home Litaracy Bag
Angie Briles

Social-Emotional Development: Home and School
Chris Withey

Elementary Education
5th Grade Writing Workshop
Lauran Rose

Autism: More Than Meets The Eye
Allison Kirkpatrick

The Benefits of Bilingual Education in the Public Education
Carlos Amaya

Boys & Girls Club Literacy Book Club
Rachel Sorenson

Bringing Back Nature: the value in nature rich curriculum
Maria Ventura

Bringing Flowers to the Library
Ailionora Lucid

Childhood Anxiety Awareness
Moriah Miller

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Recruitment to SOU
Jennifer Crumley

Garden-Based Learning
Orion Malamed

HOPE Equestrian Center and therapeutic horseback riding
Selina Bernard

The Joy of Cats: Creating Cat Themed Tiles with Students
Bethany Gladding

Kinder Plus
Amanda Wolfe

My Capstone Project: 6th Grade Girls Basketball Coach
Michelle Hansen

The Presence of Heart, Mind, and Soul
Katherine Geidans

The Social Emotional Connection
Rebecca Van Duker

Social Emotional Learning
Elise De Jesse

Stories Alive
Chelsea Van de Brooke

Struggling for Intrinsic Motivation in an Extrinsic Culture
Tucker Davis, Kristen Reiter

Success Makers After School Program
Whitney Bilden

Team Work and Community Involvement
Daniel Sha

Technology in the classroom
Katherine Lozano

Transitions Garden: Community Garden
Wil Hoefer

Wizard Academy: 30 days of reading and magic
Carlie Schaadc

English & Writing
Black Waters
Terramis Sojourner, Marcus Zottola

Grant Proposal and Training for Madrone Trail School
Melinda Nagle

Vintage Men's Finery: Writing About Collectibles
Marla Craddick

Environmental Studies
Battling the Blaze
Travis Harnos

Bringing the Salmon Home to the Klamath Basin
Louring Barlowe

Climate Change Effect on Ecological-based Local Economies
Jordan Land

Drought affecting agricultural production in klamath basin
Cody Scoggins

Effects of Urban Forestry on Crime in Josephine County, OR
Cameron Sweeney

Environmental Enterprises as Perceived by Local Aficionados
Grant Johnson

ES 310 Literature Review: Hatcheries on the Rogue River
Amalie Dieter

The Great Yellow Water Lily
Naomi Orr

Impacts of Land Use Change on the Eel River Drainage Basin
Shannon Filbey

Logging and Soil Nutrients
Haley Baier

Normal Neighborhood Cohousing & Community Development
Jordan Opdycke

The Outdoor Classroom Project
Kimiko Fujita

Pilot Rock Trail User's Desired Hiking Experience
Kora Mousseaux

The saftey of consuming Rogue River fish
Todd Buckmaster

Kaylie Nakamura

Vehicle Idling In Oregon
Felicia Zimmerman

Water Resources, Land Use, and Population Growth
Alexander Wade

Health & Physical Education
ACL Injuries in Female Athletes
Alexa Gonzalez

Gender and Sexuality in Nahua and Mapuche Culture
Amy Waters

History of Wine in the Rogue Valley
Maureen Flanagan Battistella, Willard Brown, Mary Jane Cedar Face

Mahatma Gandhi and Mao Zedong: Comparing Revolutionaries
Emily Taylor

Science Fiction and Post-Cold War
David Sparks

Challenges in Providing Equal Access to the Arts for Children in Rural Communities
Vicki Purslow

Practice without Pain
Tatsiana Asheichyk

Nursing (OHSU)
Targeting Triple Aim goals by addressing social determinants
Ginger Darrow, Jillian Folden, Adele Mery, Megan Pena, Mathew Southmayd, Kyza Stansfield, Heather Voss

Traumatic Brain Injury
Rachel Davis, Jocelyn Jarred, Grant Jolliffe, Rob Owens

Political Science
The Politics of Rage in William Gibson's Neuromancer
Wesley Wade

Anticipation Errors in Order Recall as a Function of Associa
Shanna’Le Ashworth, Kadie Skou, John Taylor

Effect of Pictures on False Recall: A Modified DRM Paradigm
Hannah Gogulski

Exercise as Depression Prevention
Heather Vanderhoff

Hard to Fight, While Making Love.
Shane Elsdon, Diane Rogers, Tom Schwartz, John Taylor

The Impact of Knowledge on Reciprocity
Jennifer Marsh

Inequality Aversion in Canis Lupus Familiaris
Diane Rogers, Tom Schwartz, John Taylor

Intense Learning for the Treatment of PTSD
Shannon Connolly

Introversion/Extraversion as predictors of Academic Success
Jenna Flowers

Locus of control and the allocation of responsibility
Cody Christopherson, Maire Murphy, Gordon Rands

Micro-Emotional Awareness and Past Experience
Thomas Schwartz

Motivated Reasoning with Rules Regarding Body Image
Shanna’Le Ashworth

O.C.E.A.N. Personality Traits and Decision Making Styles
Sarah Beck

Personality in the Workplace
Michelle Rummer

Pondering the Predictive Factors for Posttraumatic Growth
Sabrina Podsobinski

Reasoning with Environmentally-Controversial Rules
Shanna’Le Ashworth, Wander Boesjes, Andrea Connelly, Noelle Lopez, Tayler Peck, John Taylor, Francisco Torres

Masculinity and Alcohol
John Pogue