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Southern Oregon University

April 18th



May 2nd

Poster Printing Deadline


SOAR Monday, May 12th  

4:00-6:00           Student & Faculty Presenter Reception and Buffet Bash

SOAR Tuesday, May 13th

9:30-4:30           University Seminar Presentations

SOAR Wednesday, May 14th  

9:30-4:30           Presentations, Performances, & Exhbitions

7:00-9:00           Student Film Festival, First Night (Varsity Theatre, Ashland) 

SOAR Thursday, May 15th

9:30-11:30         Presentations, Performances, & Exhbitions

12:00-1:30         Poster Session

12:30-4:30         Presentations, Performances, & Exhbitions

4:00-5:00           School /Department Ceremonies

8:00                  Little Shop of Horrors: SOU Theatre ($)

SOAR Friday, May 16th

7:00                  Passion of St. Matthew’s Concert: Southern Oregon

                                    Repertory Singers and Music Department Chamber

                                    Choir: Music Recital Hall ($)

7:00                  Student Film Festival, Second Night (Meese Auditorium)

8:00                  Little Shop of Horrors: SOU Theatre ($)