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Southern Oregon University


What is SOAR?

SOAR is a week-long, campus-wide conference featuring the scholarly and creative works done by our students and faculty. There is a variety of events, including presentations and performances. Please refer to the program and view our website at for details.

How do I apply / participate?

Apply online through the SOAR website. Applications must be submitted by midnight of April 17, 2015. All SOU students, faculty, and staff are welcome to apply. Only approved applicants may present in the conference.

I missed the application deadline. Can I still present?

No. April 17 is the deadline for all submissions. Late applications will not be accepted.

I submitted my application. What next?

Applications go to the SOAR Executive Board for review and approval, which can take 1-2 weeks. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email with further instructions.

I’m a SOAR presenter. When and where do I check in?

All registered participants should check during SOAR Week, at least one hour before their presentations. Check in at the SOAR HQ, located at the Stevenson Union Raider’s Nest. Early check-in is also available at the opening ceremonies on May 11.

When/where is my presentation going to be?

The official schedule will be available on the SOAR website the first week of May. If you made a special scheduling request in your application, we tried to accommodate that to the best of our ability.

I have an emergency conflict and can’t make my scheduled presentation time.

Please notify us immediately at or 541-552-6816 so we can properly note your absence and inform necessary people. Please understand that rescheduling may not be possible.

Will presentations be recorded? Can I record my presentation?

Some SOAR activities may be documented by photographers or videographers, but we do not have the resources to record every presentation. If you would like to personally record your presentation, you should obtain the permission of anyone who will be shown in the recording, such as co-presenters or audience members.

 Can I invite my friends and family to see my presentation?

Yes! All participants are encouraged to invite guests to their presentations.

Can I bring my class/tour group/etc. to SOAR?

Yes! This is an open event, and off-campus visitors are welcome. There is no fee, but please contact us so we know you are coming and can assist with planning. Campus guides may be available with advance arrangement. Contact us at or 541-552-6816.

When/where will the activities take place?

SOAR activities occur campus-wide at various times throughout SOAR Week. Pick up a copy of the SOAR program or check out the SOAR website for a complete schedule of activities. During SOAR Week, you can also visit SOAR HQ in the Stevenson Union for information.

 Where can SOAR visitor’s park? Is there a parking fee?

Visitors attending SOAR events can park for free in the large lot on Mountain Street.

 My (friend/relative/etc.) is presenting in SOAR. Where can I find their presentation?

Please refer to the program for dates and times. An index in the back lists each presenter by last name.

I applied for a poster presentation. Do I have to attend the poster session event on May 14?

Yes, attending the session is a requirement of poster presentations (see exception for distance education learners below). If you cannot attend the event, you should withdraw your application immediately; do not submit your poster for printing.

 I’m a distance ed student. Can I still participate?

New this year! Distance education learners have the option of presenting digitally at the poster session. You do not need to attend the session; just submit your poster file to Moodle by May 1, and we’ll display it digitally during the poster session.

Can I get my poster printed early?

SOAR will not accommodate early printing requests. If you need early printing, you must make your own printing arrangements, at your expense. If you have your poster printed anywhere other than through SOAR, you must submit your printed poster to Library Administration Office (HAN 318) by 5 PM, May 11 in order to be included in the poster session.

 I missed the deadline for submitting my poster. Can I still get it printed?

Only the first 100 posters submitted and approved by May 1 will be printed, for free, by SOAR. If you miss this deadline, you must get your poster printed on your own, at your expense. Contact us if you need help making printing arrangements. You must bring a printed poster to Library Administration Office (HAN 318) by 5 PM, May 11 in order to be included in the poster session.

I’m having trouble with my poster.

If you have questions about the content of your poster, you should speak with your instructor. If you have technical issues, visit the Learning Commons help desk in Hannon Library or attend one of the free poster-making Drop in Clinics. If you have questions about submitting your finished poster, contact us at or 541-552-6816.

When/where are the open house poster Drop in Clinics?

Date Time Location


When/where will the art exhibitions be displayed?

Featured exhibits will be displayed at Hannon Library for the entire month of May. Artwork will also be on display in the Stevenson Union Gallery and the Center for Visual Arts.