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Southern Oregon University

The Office of Student Support and Intervention (SSI) works with students who experience difficulties that interfere with their University success or that may compromise the health or safety of the University community. Members of the University community should submit a confidential SOU Cares report when a student exhibits signs of distress or the need for intervention.

Your SOU Cares is immediately forwarded to appropriate SSI staff for intervention (typical concerns) or taken to the Student Support Network for consultation and referral (complex or severe concerns). Early identification helps us provide timely intervention to ensure that students are aware of – and utilizing – available resources to help them resolve specific issues or concerns.

The Office of Student Support and Intervention is staffed by the Director of Student Development and Intervention, Student Services Case Manager, Community Standards Coordinator, and Student Support Services Coordinator. SSI works closely with the Student Support Network behavioral intervention team to assess concerns and coordinate care across the University. Student Support Network members are from Student Support and Intervention, Student Health and Wellness, Campus Public Safety, Disability Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, Student Life, and University Housing. An extended network of individuals, departments and agencies collaborates with the Student Support Network on specific cases.

Student Support and Intervention: Guide to Student Referrals

Signs of Student Distress:

ACADEMIC Decline in academic performance; poor concentration; low level of engagement; absences.

PHYSICAL Fatigue; poor concentration; social withdrawal; frequent health issues; intoxication; noticeable cuts, burns or bruises.

EMOTIONAL Increased anxiety or irritability; extreme reactions – more withdrawn or more animated; expressions of hopelessness, worthlessness or suicide; themes of death or dying.

CONDUCT/DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR Academic dishonesty; inappropriate or disruptive behavior

CRIME VICTIM OR HATE/BIAS ISSUE Call 541-552-6223 for confidential appointment. Student may also call law enforcement.

Response Options:

FOR EMERGENCY OR IMMEDIATE THREAT OF HARM TO SELF OR OTHERS CALL 911 for Ashland Police Department, Ashland Fire and Rescue, and Campus Public Safety.

For all concerns submit an SOU Cares report.

  • If you are concerned about a student, speak to the student to express your concerns and care; try to get the student to help. Consult as needed with colleagues or supervisor.
  • If you believe the student would benefit from immediate counseling, refer the student to Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) Counseling Services, 541-552-6137, or walk the student to the SHWC during regular University business hours.
  • For urgent issues during business hours call the Office of Student Support and Intervention (Stevenson Union 321, 541-552-6223) or Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) (541-552-6137). After hours, call crisis numbers.
  • Contact the Office of Student Support and Intervention directly at 541-552-6223 to consult on complex or sensitive issues.

Remember—Poor academic performance and other behaviors of concern may indicate more serious issues.