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Southern Oregon University

The Office of Student Support and Intervention (OSSI) offers clinical and behavioral intervention and case management for students who may have support needs related to health, mental health, significant environmental concerns, or support system concerns. Case management is provided by the Student Services Case Manager and/or the Director of Student Support and Intervention. The Community Standards Coordinator consults when student behavior involves prohibited student conduct. The Office of Student Support and Intervention also works to support students, faculty, and staff who may be impacted by the behavioral choices of others.

SOU Cares reports help inform the Office of Student Support and Intervention and the Student Support Network (SSN) by identifying students who may benefit from extra resources, support, or intervention. You are encouraged to submit a Cares report when intervention is required, or simply when the student is of concern to you.

Areas of concern for SOU Cares reports may include:

  • Mental health or emotional issues
  • Academic performance
  • Family concern
  • Relationship issues
  • Personal illness or injury
  • Alcohol or other drug use
  • Academic integrity
  • Distressing, disruptive, or threatening behavior
  • Hate and/or bias-related incident
  • Crime victim

The University takes sexual assault and other sexual misconduct very seriously and provides three ways to submit anonymous or confidential sexual assault reports. If you would like to speak to someone about sexual assault reporting in general please contact the Office of Student Support and Intervention at 541-552-6223 to be directed to a Confidential Advisor. Choose one of the following options to submit a confidential or anonymous report.

  1. Southern Oregon University Anonymous Harassment, Violence, and Interpersonal Misconduct Form
  2. The anonymous or confidential reporting link is available on SOU Cares reports.
  3. University Sexual Misconduct website
  4. Survivors/victims of sexual assault     

Your completed SOU Cares report is immediately sent to the Office of Student Support and Intervention for initial evaluation. Students who exhibit distressing or disturbing behavior that significantly impacts the University community may be referred to the Student Support Network (SSN), a behavioral intervention team, to assess the behavior and coordinate an organized University response. Behavior that merits urgent response will be referred immediately to appropriate resources.

For immediate response to an urgent threat call 911 to reach the Ashland Police Department and Campus Public Safety.

SOU Cares referrals are available to SOU students, faculty, and staff on the student or faculty/staff tabs of the SOU portal (My SOU). Concerned family members should call the Director of Student Support and Intervention (541-552-6223).

The Office of Student Support and Intervention is located in Stevenson Union 321.