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Southern Oregon University

Registered Clubs and Organizations

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Alpha Kappa Psi

Contact: Providing resources for enhancing the educational experience of future business leaders — Piper Ryan

Anthropology Club

Contact: The Anthropology Club aims to enable members to explore the field of anthropology in a social, student-run environment which is comfortable and conducive to holistic, organic learning. Club members will have opportunities to advance their education through article publication, attending and participating in conferences, and networking with like-minded people in the community. — Cheyenne Evans

ASL Club

Contact: We are a group of Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students at SOU who meet weekly to discuss DHH issues, practice ASL, and hang out in a voice-off space. — Amris Allemand

Associated Nerds of Southern Oregon University

Contact: To promoting group activities that allow the students and community members to to enhance their imaginations and interpersonal interactions. — Bryant Laskin

Black Student Union

Contact: The Black Student Union is a safe space which exists to explore, discuss, and engage in social justice work around blackness. Our goal is to educate our campus and our community about blackness in all it's beauty, complexity and diversity. — Jean E. Whalen

Black Student Union

Contact: The Black Student Union is a safe space which exists to explore, discuss, and engage in social justice work around blackness. Our goal is to educate our campus and our community about blackness in all it's beauty, complexity and diversity. — N?A

Chess Club

Contact: Help members learn how to play chess and meet other chess players. — Raymond Ngo

Chess Club

Contact: To bring help members find other chess players; open to all players and skill levels! — Raymond Ngo


Contact: Get to people to new heights and rock on! — Curtis Jensen

Club de Español

Contact: Unite people who are interested in sharpening their Spanish skills, to get together and talk in Spanish, as well as participate in Spanish oriented events. — Ali Daniels

Cosplay Club

Contact: The Cosplay Club serves as an artistic outlet for those interested in costuming and prop construction as well as the aspects behind Asian Culture. We have helpful tutorials for those just sprouting their Cosplay roots, and teaching opportunities for those who have prior knowledge. It is also nice and relaxing environment where individuals with these similar interests may be themselves and make new lasting friendships. — Nicole Hoefflinger

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

Contact: To impact our community through diversity, education, and inclusion. — Lindsay Wright

Criminology Club

Contact: The Criminology Club strives to provide criminology students career opportunities as well as inform them with up-to-date information in criminal justice. The SOU Crim Club builds relationships between students, professionals, Southern Oregon University, the community, and criminal justice agencies. We also sell merchandise designed and created by students to represent the Criminology and Criminal Justice department at Southern Oregon University. For questions, post on our wall or contact one of the CCJ professors at SOU! — Jackie Parsley

Dance Club

Contact: Provide a venue for choreography, rehearsal and performance of ballet, jazz, modern, musical theatre, hip-hop and all performance based dance styles, with culminating performances, at least once a year. — Payne Smith

Disc Golf Club

Contact: The goal of the Southern Oregon University Disc Golf Club is to spread interest in the sport of disc golf. Through the club, group rounds at local courses can be organized so that students may have an opportunity to play with others who are also interested in the sport. — Emmeline Hall


Contact: Bringing the love of music to the community to enjoy and be involved with. — Jaclyn McQuist

EE Club

Contact: To help connect SOU students with nature and learn about how dependent our lives are on its well-being. — Paul Kelley

French Club

Contact: The mission of the SOU French Club is to provide a community that will inspire students to explore and experience further the French language and culture. As a student club we will organize special French events to enrich the French experience for all, as well as give an understanding of cultures other than our own. It is with great enthusiasm that all members of the French Club would like to encourage students who are interested to come and join us, even if it is to attend one of the French events or a Club meeting. Merci (Thank you!) — Keefer Dunn

German Club

Contact: To promote the German language and culture at SOU and in the community. — Kyla Boswell and Rio Picollo

Hiking/ Backpacking Club

Contact: Our primary purpose is to engage in and promote a fun and exciting outdoor experience by collaborating together to plan and organize great hiking adventures for all skill levels. — Emmeline Hall

Ho'opa'a Hawaii Club

Contact: To be support system for students from Hawai'i on their transition to Southern Oregon University. Also, to educate the campus and community of not just Native Hawaiian culture, but the many cultures that are in Hawai'i. — Kaitlin Kimizuka

Hospitality and Tourism Club

Contact: To provide students with an opportunity to engage and learn more about the hospitality and tourism field. — Janice Pena-Franco

Impact Campus Ministry

Contact: We are a club dedicated to love God, love others, and serve the communities of SOU, Ashland, and the Rogue Valley. We do bible discussion groups all over campus and off campus and many fun events throughout the year! — Amanda Uhler

International Student Association (ISA)

Contact: Our goal is to share our culture with SOU students, faculty, staff, local community members as well as have lots of fun. This club is open to all internationally minded students. Domestic students are more than welcome to join. — Emily Minasian/Na Murphy

Latino Student Union

Contact: Our mission is to support Latino culture on campus and together build a welcoming environment where we can discuss our similarities, differences, goals, and educate students about our cultures. We are dedicated to hosting events that will inspire our community and motivate students about the importance of higher education. — Myra Garcia


Contact: The Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is established to help students have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education through meaningful service opportunities and social and religious activities. — Erica Lautrup

Math Club

Contact: To provide an engaging environment for math-related discussions and to give "math" a more positive connotation via different events. — Kelsie Lawson

Medieval Arts Club

Contact: We study aspects of medieval history and participate with a local historical reenactment group called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). With them we learn historical swordsmanship, smithing, woodworking, garb making, and much more! — Tyler Hansen

Men's Rugby Club

Contact: The Men's Rugby Club facilitates and participates in the sport of rugby at the collegiate level. — Paige Pinyerd


Contact: to create a safe, judgement free environment for both casual and competitive play of Magic The Gathering. — Andrew Snyder and Ben Krall


Contact: We are a group of Music Instruction students who attend conferences for learning more about how to teach music, lead forums and discussions with teachers and administrators, and recruit other aspiring music ed students. — Sean Muir

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Contact: The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high achievers. NSCS members are deeply committed to the three pillars of scholarship, leadership, and service and as a result, impact their campus and local communities every day — Ashley Watkins

Native American Student Union

Contact: The Native American Student Union (NASU) at Southern Oregon University (SOU) is a student organization that strives foremost to provide support for Native American students at SOU. NASU's secondary goal is to raise awareness about contemporary Native American issues and culture. — Francisca Tripp

Neurodiverse Alliance of Southern Oregon University

Contact: We are dedicated to providing support for neurologically different students, to provide a safe place, to network and make friends and help to discover talents and assets which can be used to contribute to society. The concept of neurodiversity revolves around the idea that some neurological or psychological disorders such as ADHD, dyslexia, and Autism Spectrum Disorders are not an abnormal part of the human condition, but rather differences in brain wiring like different skin color is race. The ultimate goal of this group is to empower neurominorities and bring awareness of this movement to the forefront of our community — Angela Arcuri

Nursing Students Without Borders

Contact: a student run organization committed to addressing local and international health disparities while expanding the perspective of the individual nursing student. By developing leadership skills, cultural awareness, and innovation in resource-poor settings, nursing students will become better prepared both personally and professionally to provide culturally competent health care within our increasing global society. — Matt Southmayd

Physics Club

Contact: To enlighten the community on all matters pertaining to physics - both applied and theoretical - and to capture the minds of those who are uncertain about the wonder of science. — Nik Stanek

Psi Chi

Contact: The mission of Psi Chi is to produce well-educated, ethical, and socially responsible students who are committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology and to society as a whole. — Michelle Bosman

PSI CHI and Psych Club

Contact: The mission of Psi Chi is to cultivate well-educated, ethical, and socially responsible students who are committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology and to society as a whole. — Michelle Bosman

Psyched Research Lab

Contact: The mission of our club is to innovate, conduct, and analyze psychological research studies. Our club aims to create our own studies and present them at research conferences around the country. — Noelle Lopez

Psychology Club

Contact: The Psychology club sponsors social functions, recommends students for service on various department committees, and occasionally sponsors programs and projects designed to enrich the educational experience of the faculty and students in the Department of Psychology. — Noelle Lopez

Relay for Life

Contact: The purpose of this club is to get students more involved with Relay for Life. We just officially became Relay for Life of Southern Oregon University, so our goal for our Relay is to have more on campus involvement. We think it may help being an actual club on campus as well. — Brianna Barnes

Rogue Journal of Undergraduate Research

Contact: We are an organization of students and faculty working cooperatively to review undergraduate research. The most rigorous and original research is selected for publication. We help students grow in their understanding of academic expectations, briefly exposing them to challenges of graduate education. — Adriana Alexander

Rogue Riders

Contact: As SOU's mountain biking club, the Rogue Riders are dedicated to building skill and community within the existing mountain biking population on campus, as well as introducing new riders to the sport. — Emmeline Hall

ROTC Ranger Challenge

Contact: To prepare and educate students in order to become US Army officers. — Anthony Hess

Saudi Club

Contact: 1- Organize a group of Saudi students who are capable of picking up new Saudi students from the airport who are attending the SOU, and helping them out. 2- Arrange Saudi students gathering for tradition events. 3- We will try our best to be as helpful as we can to help Saudi students who ask for it. 4- Organize sections such as sport, media, social, etc. 5- Open to any suggestions from all. — Bassam Alanazi

Scuba Club

Contact: To open opportunities for students to learn about, enjoy, and protect the aquatic environment accessible by scuba diving. — Curtis Jensen

Self Care Club

Contact: A club for students to discuss, learn, and practice self care methods and techniques. We want to create a relaxing environment that students can come to for support and community with other students who are learning and practicing stress-relief and various self care methods. We want the club to be fun, exciting and relaxing for its members. — Jay Lundy

Ski and Snowboard Club

Contact: Our mission is to shred some powder with sou students. We would like to organize trips. — Curtis Jensen


Contact: We are an SOU club whose primary purposes are establishing and strengthening our relationships with Christ and reaching out to the community. — Sabrina Schmit

SOU Accounting Students Association

Contact: The association primarily assists prospective accounting students seeking internships through local community businesses. — Jenni Jones

SOU Ballroom club

Contact: To facilitate ballroom dance on campus and to generate interest and appreciation for ballroom dance. — Sarah Glasgow

SOU Beekeeping Club

Contact: The mission of the Beekeeping Club is to serve as an educational hub for students and community members to learn and teach about the trade and principles of keeping bees, and to support the protection, conservation, and restoration of natural systems upon which our pollinators and our welfare ultimately depends on. — William Gearen

SOU Bio Club

Contact: To establish a community devoted to the conservation or our natural resources, and exploration of the biological sciences. — JD Brooks

SOU Chemistry Club

Contact: As an affiliate of the American Chemical Society, our club seeks to promote an appreciation of chemistry at SOU. We mainly provide social and enrichment activities, including talks about careers in science. We also participate in outreach at ScienceWorks in Ashland with our Kids & Chemistry program. — Aaron Rider

SOU Climbing Club

Contact: This club is for all SOU climbers wanting to get out of the gym and into the outdoors to climb. — Emmeline Hall

Sou FAD (Film and Digital)

Contact: The purpose of SOU FAD (Film and Digital) is to provide out of classroom support and community to those interested, pursuing, or mastering Photography as both a fine art study and a hobby. — Elisa Wolf (almaguer)

SOU Film Club

Contact: The mission of the SOU Film Club is to organize special campus screening events, sponsor and program the SOU Student Film Festival, bring in guest speakers to campus, offer production technology workshops students, and to work with SOU faculty to promote the creation of more film-related courses, and more! — Michael Bryant

SOU Firesides Club

Contact: Deepen conversations Build friendships Sustain acts of.service — Shasta Lee

SOU Foodie Club

Contact: Foodie club is the perfect way to bring together people with a common love of food in a restaurant community such as Ashland. Foodie club will explore the Ashland dining community and create an outlet for those with a love of culinary arts. — Erin Casper


Contact: Southern Oregon Law club is a place for minds to meet and discuss politics, court cases, and law school admissions. We want to provide students with all the answers before sending them off to law school.  — Chase (TBD)

SOU Men's Lacrosse

Contact: To honor the great game of lacrosse and take strides towards becoming a school recognized varsity sport. — Samuel L Taylor, Taylor Harrison.

SOU Men's Soccer Club

Contact: Provide a competitive avenue for SOU students interested in practicing and playing soccer. — Marquis Malcom


Contact: Student directed non-profit working on campaigns locally and within the greater community. Training students to become effective leaders and activists with internship opportunities and classes on public speaking, working with the media and building coalitions. — Emma Barry

SOU Percussion

Contact: The SOU Percussion club is a student group run by musicians who play around campus and perform educational outreach on campus and abroad. — Sean Muir

SOU Physics Club

Contact: Our purpose is to enlighten the Southern Oregon University community about the physical sciences in conjunction with the SOU Mathematics Club and the SOU Chemistry Club — Nik Stanek

SOU Pre-Healthcare Society

Contact: To inform students about the options there are in the healthcare industry post graduation and to prepare them to get there.We are here to guide students to the correct healthcare field for them based on guest speakers, on-site visits and other healthcare/science related activities. — Trenton Kaiser

SOU Secular Student Alliance

Contact: The mission of the Secular Student Alliance is to organize, unite, educate, and serve students and student communities that promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human-based ethics. We envision a future in which nontheistic students are respected voices in public discourse and vital partners in the secular movement's charge against irrationality and dogma. — Aaron Rider

SOU Tango Club

Contact: SOU tango club offers a safe and supportive space for students and the public to learn Argentine Tango. No experience or partner is necessary. — Ben Freeman

SOU Tennis Club

Contact: To provide students a community of fellow tennis players where they can challenge themselves on the court and create new friendships. — Adelaise Morrow

Southern Oregon Cross Training

Contact: Our mission is to excel in physical fitness, overall health, and wellbeing; as well as to push our mental abilities. —

Southern Oregon University Baseball Club

Contact: To bring baseball back to Southern Oregon University and promote the sport throughout Ashland and the surrounding areas. — Marcus Malcolm

Southern Oregon University Paranormal (SOUP)

Contact: SOU Paranormal is dedicated to the scientific examination of paranormal activity, theories, and evidence to either confirm or deny the existence of the afterlife, para zoological entities, and/or para psychological phenomenon. We are also a support group for those who have experienced the paranormal. — Steven Perry

Southern Oregon University Women's Rugby

Contact: SOU Women's Rugby's purpose is to compete against other school teams in matches as well as expose them to the different culture of rugby. Empowering women athletes in becoming stronger more confident women. — Paige Rose Pinyerd

Southern Smash Society

Contact: The Southern Smash Society is an organization that begets community, camaraderie, forward thinking, respect, inclusiveness and professionalism using Super Smash Bros as a conduit. — Brycen

Student Veterans Association

Contact: to give Veterans a voice on campus. allow them a quiet place to talk to other veterans, find out what benefits are available to them. and also do fundraising and social events for veterans and their dependents. — Chris Smith


Contact: Get people out to ride some gnarly waves! — Curtis Jensen

The Exclamation Poets

Contact: The Exclamation Poets' mission is to bring people together through words, performance and passion. We aim to foster an inclusive and supportive community where poets and poetry enthusiasts can share ideas. We focus on spoken word/ slam poetry but welcome all writing styles. — Victoria Morgan

United Nations Club of SOU

Contact: To inform students and community of international/local events/affairs and promote awareness of education of social issues world wide in accordance of the millennium goals of the United Nations. — Faisal Alotaibi

United States Institute of Technical Theatre SOU Student Chapter

Contact: To connect and join theatrical technicians in all fields to further skill sets, knowledge bases, and connections to improve chances at a successful career in technical theatre after graduation. — Sean Fisk

Video Gamers Coalition

Contact: Our mission is to provide students with a place to relax and have some fun during the week. We are also hoping to be a refuge for those who are more introverted, shut-in types. We do this through video gaming at our meetings--anyone is welcome to attend--and club activities, including movie quizzes, competitions, and co-op parties. — Marcus Zottola

Whitewater Club

Contact: By sharing the wilderness experience on boat-able rivers in Southern Oregon, the clubs purpose/plan is to educate and immerse students in the whitewater lifestyle. Developing student’s technical skills in whitewater boating, while effectively expanding their comfort zone. — John DeShazo

Writers Guild

Contact: The Writers Guild will be a club for SOU writers where they can write, share and publish their work. — Jolayne McCartney