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Southern Oregon University

Frequently Asked Questions About Clubs and Organizations


It is pretty easy to register a club. There are five easy steps:

1. Find nine other students to be a member and a staff or faculty advisor and fill out the Online Club Registration Form. Note: You must have a reliable Primary Contact! You can always add or change information on that online form after you have established the club.

2.  Complete the Signature Form. This form designates who is permitted to authorize reimbursements and allocations of the club’s funds. This form should  be be turned in to the Office of Student Life as soon as possible.

3. Have your Advisor complete the club advisor agreement This form must be signed by your advisor and delivered or mailed to SU312.

4. Determine which member will be the representative for the weekly Inter-Club Council (ICC) meetings. ICC meets Wednesdays at 4pm.

5. Attend a club training. Club Trainings are offered during the first two weeks of every term. Dates and times for Club Trainings are posted on the main club page

Yes, please go through the same registration process as a new club.

ICC is a collection of representatives from our campus clubs and organizations. They meet weekly to collaborate on small and large scale events, share ideas on a variety of club topics and learn leadership skills. Although they have a staff advisor, all of the council leadership comes from its members.

Meetings are held every Wednesday from 4:00 – 5:00 in the Stevenson Union in Room 330.

Inter Club Council Allocation Committee (ICCAC) is the committee that hears funding requests from clubs. Your group must fill out an ICC fund Request form and send it electronically to 

Steps to Requesting Funds from ICCAC:

1. Submit an ICC Fund Request Form

2. ICCAC will send you an email with a time to present your request.

3. Be prepared with information to share with ICCAC.

4. Present your request for funds to ICCAC

5. If your request is approved you have access to those funds and should come to SU312 for any assistance with accessing those funds.


  • Organized to fulfill a well-stated purpose with activities clearly related to that purpose

  • Minimum of seven SOU students actively involved as members

  • Open to all students, faculty, staff, and community at large

  • Minimum of one officer who must be an SOU student enrolled in at least eight credits per term

  • One SOU staff or faculty advisor.

  • Membership cannot discriminate on the basis of creed, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation

  • Uphold all local, state, & federal laws

  • Abide by all SOU policies and guidelines

  • Have only SOU students as voting members and officers

  • Not allow the group to be used as a "front" for an off-campus group to obtain benefits

  • Re-Register each fall with updated list of officers and student members

  • Update the Office of Student Life with any officer changes during the academic year

  • Maintain an account for all group generated money through the Office of Student Life

To schedule events, meetings, displays, or other informational material in the Stevenson Union and Britt Ballroom, you must contact the Office of Student Life in SU 312, Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Scheduling events and meetings should be done a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. If it is a large-scale event, there should be a minimum one-month advance scheduling. This lead time not only lets building schedulers ensure your requests can be filled, but allows enough time to make sure your publicity has enough time to reach students. Club & Organization events can be scheduled up to 1 year in advance. Email with the details of your event/meeting or come by the Student Life Office.

How do I get the money?
Money from ICC or SFC is allocated to your group. This money is accessed through reimbursements only, or by using your group's index code. Submit a Request for Action form (found here to receive a check for money spent. The Request for Action form must have all expenditures explained, with itemized receipts attached. Under certain circumstances a club or organization may receive an advance, please contact the Student Life Office if you have questions.

What if I want more money?
For larger requests or requests for reoccurring yearly events, clubs and organizations could submit requests to the Student See Committee (SFC). SFC funds requests that ICC can't fill, and the annual budgets for larger organizations.

What can I spend the money on?
Because all student group funding comes from student fees that all students pay into, all events and programs must benefit or be accessible to the entire student body. In the case that student fee money is requested to send a representative to a conference or training, this person either must be in a position to use the experience to better serve the student body, or must present at an a well-publicized event open to everyone.

Can I request money from the other fee committees?
The Athletics Advisory Council (AAC) and Stevenson Union Advisory Council (SUAC) cannot hear requests from student groups. The Student Fee Committee (SFC) usually only hears yearly budgets from large groups and organizations, or adjustments to those groups.

If you want to sell goods or crafts to raise money for your group, you may do so. One of the people listed on the signature card for your club may pick up a cash box with change already in it for your sale. After the sale, the cash box is counted, and the profit made from the sale is added to your group's account. The sale profit is not given back as cash. Tables in the Stevenson Union are available free to registered student groups.