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Southern Oregon University

AAC – Athletic Advisory Council

AAC is the budgeting body for all athletic budgets paid by the student incidental fee. AAC is a subcommittee within the student fee committee.

ASSOU - Associated Students of Southern Oregon University

ASSOU is the student government at SOU. The organization is a legislative and executive organization that represents and promotes the needs of all SOU students. The organization fulfills its mission through various activities, including the student fee process, advocacy, and coalition building.

Bad Standing

A group can find itself in bad standing in a variety of ways. If the group violates any SOU, State, or Federal policies/guidelines/laws; if the group has a budget deficit; the group that does not have all of the appropriate forms turned in or has not attended any required sessions (such as fall training) is in bad standing. A group that attends ICC must also miss no more than 1 ICC meeting per term to be able to vote or request funds.

Cash Box

Used by student groups when there is a charge for an event. The cash box has enough cash in it so you can make change at the door. The cash box must be ordered through SU 312 and you can pick it up before 5pm the day of your event. The event staff working your event will let you count the money after the event, then they will count it, you both sign the form, and the event staff lock it in our safe room.

Club Account

The club account is the fund account for any group funds that are raised. This money remains in the account and is carried over from year to year. Groups are allowed to spend funds from the club account any way they would like. Receipts are not required for funds to be used from a club account. A Request for Action form must be filled out to use club account funds.

EAAC – Educational Activities Advisory Council

EAAC is the budgeting body for all educational activity, including club and organization activity budgets paid by the student incidental fee. EAAC is a subcommittee within the Student Fee Committee.

Emergency Fund Request

The form used for groups to request emergency funds through SFC. The purpose of these funds is to provide an eligible group funds for unforeseen expenditures during the year.

Good Standing

A group is in good standing when registration forms are complete and there are no outstanding debts. A group can remain in good standing by abiding by all SOU, State, and Federal policies/guidelines/laws. A group is in good standing with ICC by attending meetings and not going over the one meeting absence allowance per term as well as attending all required training sessions or meetings required by the office of Student Activities and Leadership.

IBL – Initial Budget Level
Any group with a recurring budget approved by SFC or any subcommittee has an IBL. Each winter groups go through the budget process to renew their budget levels.

ICC  - Inter-Club Council
The council is made up of one representative from each club or organization in good standing. Fund requests are heard and voted on during ICC meetings. Meetings are held each term to hear budget requests and make announcements.

ICC Fund Request
The form for clubs and organizations in good standing to request money for group activities. The form can be found on-line or in SU 312. Requests are heard in a first-come first serve manner. Forms must be turned in each term before certain deadlines for eligibility.

Incidental Fee
A quarterly fee students pay where monies are budgeted to programs through SFC.

Personal Service Agreement Request
The form used when services are rendered from an entertainer or other non-SOU individual who will be paid. These forms must be filled out and turned in well before the event occurs. These forms create contracts which have to be signed by the performer and host before the contract is turned in to Student Activities. The contract can take several weeks to complete. The form must be completed before the service is rendered. The person or vendor will be paid by check only, which must be cut by Southern Oregon University.


The form student clubs, unions, and organizations fill out to become officially registered with the office of Student Activities and Leadership. Every group must re-register at the beginning of each academic year. A group is not considered active until the form has been turned in and approved by the office of Student Activities and Leadership. The forms can be found online at the SOU clubs page.


Students can be reimbursed for items spent for a club or organization using the Request for Action form. Receipts are always required unless determined ahead of time. Students have the choice of having a check cut or having the money be direct deposited into a designated bank account. It is preferred for the student to use direct deposit if that person will get frequent reimbursements.

Request for Action
The form used for reimbursement of funds, purchase orders, and directly pay vendors. Checks are cut every Wednesday, and it is recommended that individuals turn the form in as early as possible. There could be up to a week delay after a form is turned in before a check will be cut. The form is available online on the clubs page and in the Involvement Center, SU 312.

Student Life
The office of Student Life oversees all club and organization operations. It is also the administrative office to the Stevenson Union building. Student Life is located in SU 312.

SFC – Student Fee Committee
The governing body that approves all student fee budgets from each of its three subcommittees.

Signature Card
The form contains names and signatures of club and organization members which are allowed to approve fund expenditures for the group. The signature card generally has the advisor, president, and treasurer of the group. Request for Action forms require two signatures from the organization’s signature card.

Student Clubs
Clubs are student groups registered with Student Activities and Leadership. Clubs generally have recurring meetings pertaining to the group’s common interest. Clubs usually attend the Inter-Club Council to request funds, unless the group has an IBL.

Student Organization
Organizations are similar to clubs registered through Student Activities and Leadership as a group of students with a common interest. Organizations are established by showing continuity over many years, have a yearly budget, and sometimes payroll. Organizations are not required to attend ICC meetings but are strongly encouraged to.

Student Union
Student Unions identify the club or organization as a representation of a group of people based on identity. Other than having the identifier as such, the group still falls under the club or organization category.

SUAC  - Stevenson Union Advisory Council

SUAC is the budgeting body for all Stevenson Union budgets paid by the student incidental fee.

Travel Form
Forms used by Business Services when reimbursing club or organization travel. This includes driving, lodging, and meal per diem.