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Welcome to SOU Clubs & Organizations!

Student clubs and organizations serve as a means for connecting with other students, providing leadership development and opportunities, appreciating diversity, encouraging civic engagement, enhancing your college experience. There are many privileges associated with being a registered club/organization at SOU.


First ICC Meeting: Wednesday October 1st at 4pm in SU330

Club Fair: Thursday, October 2nd from 11-2pm in the SU  Courtyard

Interested in starting a club or recruiting new members? Sign up for Club Fair.  Club Fair takes place in the Stevenson Union Courtyard on Thursday, October 2nd from 11am-2pm.

      How to Be Successful At Club Fair

  • Have a sign-up sheet available.  Make sure to have spaces for name, contact information (email and phone number) and best time to contact.
  • Decorate your table with items that show off your club. (Fun and decorative items attract attention)
  • Have materials to hand out about your club. (Brochures, flyers, cards)
  • Be able to talk about what your club does and what your club is about. Tell people when your club meets.
  • Show enthusiasm. Be positive. Have fun.

5 EASY STEPS to become a registered Club or Organization:


1.  Fill out the Online Club & Org Registration Form. Note: You must have at least 7 members, an advisor, and a reliable Primary Contact!

2.  Complete the Signature Form. This form designates who is permitted to authorize reimbursements and allocations of the club’s funds.
Please turn this form into the Student Life Office (SU312) as soon as possible after you fill out the Online Club & Org Registration Form.

3. Have your Advisor complete the Club Advisor Agreement This form must be signed by your advisor and delivered or mailed to SU312.

4. One representative of your club must attend the weekly Inter-Club Council (ICC) meetings.
ICC meets Wednesdays at 4pm in SU330 located on the 3rd floor of the Stevenson Union (in order for your club to remain in good standing you can only miss two per term). Yes there is a meeting on the first week of classes!

5. Attend a club training (only one per year is required). Ask your advisors to attend one too.


Fund Request Due Dates

Fund Request Form

For tips and examples for a great fund request presentation. Click here.


ICCAC Meeting Minutes

ICCAC Meeting Minutes Winter 2014

ICCAC Meeting Minutes Fall 2013

ICCAC Meeting Minutes Spring 2014


If you have questions about Clubs and Organizations please email your ICC Director, Sabrina Schmit,

ICC Director Office hours: Coming soon!

or you can contact Danielle Mancuso, Assistant Director of Student Life for Involvement,