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Southern Oregon University

These documents and presentations are provided to help you find quick help with your questions and issues. We hope their advice is helpful, and more help and information is always available at the Student Activities and Leadership Office.

The documents below are all available in PDF format.

Getting Involved

  »   Finding the Right Group for You
  »   The Value of Involvement

Leadership Skills

  »   Active Listening
  »   Delegating Responsibility
  »   Getting Started As a Leader
  »   Giving Effective Feedback
  »   Time Management for Leaders


  »   Brainstorming
  »   Planning a Program
  »   Publicity Tips
  »   Preparing a Program Evaluation

Organizational Development

  »   Developing Your Group
  »   Understanding Group Process
  »   Group Decision Making
  »   Managing Conflict
  »   Setting Organizational Goals
  »   Icebreakers
  »   Recruiting New Members
  »   Orienting New Members
  »   Restarting an Organization

Fundraising and Budgeting

  »   Fundraising Strategy
  »   Budgeting For Your Organization

Organizational Structure and Procedure

  »   An Organization and Its Advisor
  »   Constitution and Bylaws
  »   Running Effective Meetings
  »   Parlimentary Procedures
  »   Parlimentary Procedures Quick Reference
  »   Minutes and Record Keeping
  »   Leadership Transition
  »   Preparing a Transition Notebook

 Powerpoint Presentations from ICC Meetings

Introduction to Fundraising

Running Effective Meetings

Transitions Memo

Adding An Event To The Master Calendar