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Southern Oregon University


All Events, whether on-campus, off-campus, and/or travel-related, must be registered through your organization on SOU Connect.

If you have questions or need assistance completing these forms please contact or come by the Student Life Office in SU 312. 

You can also find answers to many questions on our new FAQs and Procedures page.

Below is a collection of the most commonly used forms in Student Life. Depending on your activity there may be additional forms to be completed.   


Electronic Forms:

Event Request - By submitting an event on SOU Connect the system will use logic to generate questions to help gather the right information about your event. This process has eliminated many forms. To create an event, go to your organizations through My Organizations, and click the Events tab in the middle of the page.  Open “+create event.”  Use the FAQs to help navigate the process.  Complete this to the best of your ability and ask for help when you need it. 

Drivers Clearance form To be cleared to drive for any SOU-related activity go to the Service Center's web site, in the  "Drivers Clearance" tab, scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Form," and answer all the questions. Check out the FAQs before you start to see what information you will need to complete the process.

Club forms are found only in the Forms tab of Inter Club Council's SOU Connect Profile:

ICCAC Funding Request Form

Club Advisor Agreement 

Club Quarterly Report Form 


Paper Forms:

The forms below are required to be printed and need physical signatures. These forms can also be found in the Documents tab on the Inter Club Council's SOU Connect Profiles, in the Paper Forms folder.

Assumption of Risk Form

This is a form that participants fill out to state that they understand that they are participating in an event with risk. For example: paintball, fencing, inflatable obstacle course, travel, etc. Save this fillable form to your desktop, complete it, then print and sign.  Trip leaders may want to fill out the form and print copies for participants to sign.

Reimbursement and Payee Form

Use this form to access your club funds, as well as funds that ICC has allocated to you. Save this fillable form to your desktop, complete it, then print and sign.  Information on how to complete this from accurately to get your money quickly is in the Money, Money, Money section of the FAQs. Turn this form in to SU 312. 

Travel Reimbursement Form

This form is used after your approved trip for any travel reimbursements including lodging, gas, mileage, airfare, or meal per diem.

Volunteer Assumption of Risk Form

Volunteers are an outside party not associated with SOU or faculty and staff members acting outside the realm of their normal responsibilities. Volunteers must complete a Volunteer Form prior to participating in club or other campus related activities. Volunteers are required to fill out two forms, this and the SOU Assumption of Risk.

Open Flame Form

Use this form if you are planning a barbeque or anything with an open flame.  Save this fillable form to your desktop. This approved and signed form is required to be uploaded in the event submission process when you indicate you will have an open flame.  Instructions on submitting this form are included in the FAQs.

Student Travel Checklist- (Print Version)

Emergency Procedures: At least two travelers should have a copy of the emergency procedures.