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Southern Oregon University

For Success TRiO Students: 

Tutoring Services are offered in a variety of subjects for students participating in the Success at Southern/TRiO SSS program. 

Tutors support Success at Southern TRiO students with coordination of homework, planning for tests, supplemental instruction, and mentoring. To be eligible for tutoring, Success at Southern TRiO students must have a current Personal Education Plan on file with their Success at Southern advisor and must fill out and turn in a Tutor Request Form. Drop by, call, or email the Success at Southern Office to schedule a quick appointment with the staff to discuss your tutoring needs. We will review your request, and begin the tutoring process! 

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Online Resources

Patrick JMT: Pre-Algebra to Calculus

Khan Academy: Math, Science, Economics, and Humanities!

HyperPhysics: Algebra and Calculus based Physics as well as Chemistry!

Purdue Online Writing Lab: Citation Assistance for MLA and APA. Grammar, Punctuation,  Mechanics, and all the ins and outs of the writing process.

Contact Form For TRiO Tutors

To Become a Success at Southern TRiO Tutor/Mentor: 

Please apply online through the SOU CareerLink posting. Applications are always accepted.  

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