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Southern Oregon University

Phase I: Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Elements Completed:


  • Current on-site fill is removed
  • Star thistle and invasive plant management begins
  • Initial plantings of cover crops
  • House livable for student interns
  • Clearing of all outbuildings and debris
  • Subsurface utilities installed

  Elements in Process:

  • Outdoor classroom construction
  • Essential washing and packing facilities designed
  • Student/faculty research on-site

 Phase II: Spring 2014-Fall 2016

 Elements completed

  • Essential storage spaces prepared for use
  • Washing and packing facilities designed
  • On-site irrigation upgraded and available for use
  • Outdoor classroom construction complete
  • Student/faculty research on-site
  • Initial annual crop plantings

Elements in process

  • Hoop house installations
  • Outbuilding development
  • Outdoor kitchen development
  • Ornamental plantings and landscaping
  • Repairs to existing home
  • Crop extension

Phase III: Winter 2015-Fall 2017

Elements completed

  • Perennial and ornamental plantings
  • Outdoor kitchen and classroom spaces
  • Hoop houses installed
  • Student/faculty research on-site
  • Public gathering spaces and public restrooms

Elements in process

  • House repairs continue
  • Solar installations
  • Energy and technology demonstrations
  • Interpretive signage and public art

Phase IV: Winter 2018

Elements completed

  • House renovations complete for public use
  • First floor art exhibits in house
  • Partnered research and teaching
  • Elements in process
  • Ongoing maintenance 
  • Improved interpretive materials
  • Public outreach
  • Research collaboration