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Southern Oregon University





Becoming a Theatre Arts Major at Southern Oregon University is a three-step process: 

Step 1 – Apply to the university. Contact the Office of Admissions for details.  (You do not have to wait for acceptance into SOU to continue with Step 2, however your theatre application decision will be contingent upon SOU acceptance through that separate application process.)

Step 2 – Apply to the Theatre Arts Program. Follow the application details below

Step 3 - If accepted to SOU AND accepted into the Theatre Arts program*, you will receive notice and be asked to send confirmation of your intent to enroll by the deadlines listed below.

*In the event you are accepted into SOU but are not selected for the Theatre Arts program, you may reapply to the department for the following year. Some theatre courses are always available for enrollment to non-theatre majors.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please read the following instructions carefully and prepare all your materials before logging onto the Theatre Arts application site.  The application site link will be posted here on October 1, 2016.

You may save your application in multiple drafts if you aren't able to complete it in one sitting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 541-552-6346.  

The first section of the application asks you to enter the following items:  
- An e-mail address where we may contact you.  
- Contact phone number  
- A mailing address  
- You will be asked to confirm that you have submitted an application to SOU. Admittance to the Theater Program is contingent on admittance to the university; however, you may apply to the theatre program first if you wish.
- You will be asked to select your application type: Undergraduate Freshman, Undergraduate Transfer, or Current SOU Student enrolled in another program.

- You will be asked to enter your SOU ID number if you have already been assigned one.  

On the second page, you will be asked to select your areas of interest. The pull-down menu allows you to make multiple selections. Please select all areas you are interested in. Your selections do not commit you to a particular area of study or limit the courses available to you if you are accepted into the program.  

However, if you select “Performance” or “Musical Theater,” then your video upload must include an audition video. See “Audition Video” below.  

You will next be asked to select the types of files you will be uploading. All applicants, regardless of area of interest, must upload a 30-second introduction video, a resume and a writing sample - details below. You should also indicate if you will be uploading a performance video, a portfolio or a URL link to an external site. Please select all that apply.

The third page will ask you to enter school, GPA and test score information.
- At "Name of Current/Most Recent High School or College," please use the search tool to select your school from the list.-GPA is a required field. If you are homeschooled, you may enter 0.0 and indicate your homeschooled status in your resume.  
- You will be asked to list other schools to which you are applying. You may enter “None” or if you choose not to include this information you may enter “Decline.”  
- Please include either your SAT combined or ACT composite scores. 

The fourth page will allow you to upload the required resume and writing sample and upload the optional design portfolio.  

Upload a Portfolio (optional): Students with backgrounds in design or technology should create a PDF document with images and captions describing their work. Please include text describing your contribution to the work in the images. For example, you may include a photo of a stage set, but please describe what you did for that production; i.e., design, painting, carpentry, etc.

You may include any work you feel is relevant. If you designed and built your own prom dress, show us a photo. If you spent the summer building a deck, let’s see it. The best images clearly show your work. A photo of a hand prop you made yourself is better than a photo of a set you helped paint as part of a 12-person crew.  

If you do not have images of previous work, you may still post a text file or PDF with a 250-word description of relevant work. If you spent the summer helping build Habitat For Humanity houses, that’s relevant. If you have worked for years at a vintage clothing store, let us know. Tell us if you have been in charge of setting up the AV equipment for your high school’s events. Any previous experience you would like to describe in 250 words or less may be included.

The following file types can be uploaded: doc, docx, mus, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, sib, txt, xls, xlsx, gif, jpeg, jpg, png. Multiple files may be uploaded, but we strongly encourage you to assemble your images and captions into a single PDF document.  

Upload Writing Sample (required): All applicants are required to write a maximum 500-word essay on “Why you think SOU Theater is the right program for you.” Please consider all aspects of the essay. We will examine for style and syntax as well as content. You don’t need to be clever or have a gimmick - you need to show us you can express yourself clearly and concisely. DO NOT SUBMIT GENERAL WRITING SAMPLES.

The following file types can be uploaded: : doc, docx, mus, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, sib, txt, xls, xlsx. Preferred files are .doc or PDF.

Upload Resume (required): Please include a single page resume. You may include non-theater related work experience. Please list previous theater experience with the following information: job title or role, name of show, venue, director, year. For example: Jack, Into the Woods, Springfield High, Jane Doe, 2014.  

All applicants must upload a 30-second video introducing yourself and telling us something about yourself that you would like us to know.  The following formats can be uploaded: avi, m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, vob, wmv, mkv.  

Performance Video: If you select “Performance” or “Musical Theater” as one of your areas of interest, then you will be required to upload a second video containing a 3-minute maximum audition. This can be two contrasting monologues (one comedic, one dramatic), or a short scene you perform with a partner, or a clip from a student film or other taped performance. If you sing, please include 16 bars or a short sample of your work in that area. Please state your name clearly and introduce your material before you begin. Please also title your video with your first and last name, i.e. “Sally_Smith.”  

Please Note: While the program offers many opportunities for students interested in performance, acceptance into the SOU Theatre Arts Major does not ensure your acceptance into the highly competitive BFA in Acting program or casting in program productions.  

The final page of the site asks you to check that you have submitted the various required and optional items. Finally you will be given an opportunity to review your submission. You will then click the SUBMIT button and send off your application. Good luck.


If you have mistakenly submitted your application with an error or missing a required document, you may request your application to be re-opened. You must contact the theatre arts department at 541-552-6346 and formally request this. It may take 24-hours to process your request.

After you have completed the online program application:  
See the timeline section below to learn when you will receive a response. Please do not contact the university or program requesting information on your application status or final decision until after the stated reply dates below.


After receiving notice of your acceptance into the program, you must respond with your intention of accepting admission before April 1, 2017 for priority candidates, and before June 1, 2017 for all other candidates. Failure to respond by that date will cause your seat to offered to another candidate.  

Good luck. Please call 541-552-6346 with additional questions.

The Theatre Arts Program will make every effort to notify students of their acceptance into the program in a timely manner. It is important to keep the following priority dates in mind: 

Early Application Deadline I: December 1, 2016

The Theatre Arts Program will grant priority consideration to students who submit the program application and all supporting material by this date. Decisions will be mailed out by Jan. 13, 2017. Final confirmation of acceptance into the University will be required to secure the offered spot in the major.

Early Application Deadline II: February 1, 2017

The Theatre Arts Program will grant priority consideration to students who submit the program application and all supporting material by this date. Decisions will be mailed out by Feb. 17, 2017. Final confirmation of acceptance into the University will be required to secure the offered spot in the major.

Regular Application Deadline: April 1, 2017

Decisions are made on an on-going, or “rolling," basis for applications submitted after Feb. 1, 2017 through April 3, 2017.


January 13    First round of program decisions are made for students who submitted a completed application by Dec. 1, 2016.

February 17  Second round of program decision are made for students who submitted a completed application by Feb. 1, 2017.

April 3           Final date to have your application and all supporting materials submitted and received by the Theatre Program.  No applications will be accepted after April 3, 2017.

April 3           Accepted priority applicants from both Dec. 1 and Feb. 1 early application deadlines must notify the Theatre Program of their acceptance in order to hold their space for the next academic year. Unaccepted spots will be given to regular decision candidates if not confirmed in writing by April 3, 2017.

May 1            All completed applications received after February 2, 2017 will be reviewed for acceptance by the Program Faculty by this date. 

June 1            Final date for accepted applicants to confirm their acceptance to the Theatre Arts program.