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Southern Oregon University

Theatre Arts Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Center of Excellence in Theatre Arts in the Oregon University System to provide high quality education within a framework of an intensive program of pre-professional training. Fundamental to this mission is the creation of the living art of theatre as an essential element to theatre students’ training and as an academic resource for and to culturally enrich the campus and community at large. Learning in this department is a collaborative experience that espouses professional standards in the studio, in the classroom, and in its production experience.




Christi Courian — Administrative Program Assistant
  Box office, accounts payable, and marketing

Lois DeBruno  — Performing Arts Self-Support Coordinator

Emmy Graham — Administrative Program Assistant
  Undergraduate and graduate degree information 

Jane Hickinbotham —  Technical Stage Manager
  Scene shop and facility rental manager

Amy Rodgers — Costume Shop Assistant