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Southern Oregon University

 Take Back the Night originated in England as early as 1877 as a way for women to reclaim their right to safety and respect. The first march in the United States was held in San Francisco in 1978. Since then the event has spread across the nation. The tradition of taking back the night links women, men and communities as they gather to affirm their support for ending sexual violence.

Take Back the Night is a raucous, rowdy and inspiring evening focused on empowering survivors of sexual assault and encouraging the entire community to take responsibility for ending sexual violence. The evening begins with a rally in the courtyard of the Stevenson Union, leading to a march through the streets of Ashland to reclaim safety in the night. Marchers and others join in the plaza for a candlelight gathering, a safe space for stories of surviving sexual violence. This event provides a public forum for survivors and community allies to speak out against sexual violence and assault.

This night, every night will be safe for us all!