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Southern Oregon University


Southern Oregon University Youth Programs invites students completing grades 10 through 12 who have been identified as talented and gifted to apply to the JUNIOR COUNSELOR (JC) program.

The Junior Counselor program takes place during ACADEMY on June 19-25, 2016. This program involves working with students completing grades 5 through 8. Junior Counselors will assist Senior Counselors with the supervision of students, be involved in leadership training, participate in an exciting JC class, participate in and help with recreation, and serve as a teaching assistant in a class of their choice.

Click here for Junior Counselor 2016 Application [fillable PDF] 

Click here for Junior Counselor 2016 Recommendation Form [fillable PDF] 

Follow these steps to complete the form:
1. Save a copy of the attached form to your hard drive.
2. Enter all required fields of information.
3. Save the completed form on your hard drive.
4. Now you can print the form and submit it.


  • Many schools and honor societies require students to complete a certain amount of community service.  Junior Counselors will allow you to demonstrate the leadership skills that many colleges look for on applications and when awarding scholarships.
  • Junior Counselors take a leadership development class and serve as teaching assistants for two classes each day.
  • The  ACADEMY director and staff can serve as personal references for future job and college applications


  • Junior Counselors tuition: $550 (no application fee)

We hope to have our Junior Counselors selected early, so please return your completed application by May 1st. Your Junior Counselor application packet must include the following:

  • A completed Junior Counselor Application [fillable PDF]
  • Recommendation Form [fillable PDF] from a current teacher or school official which addresses your citizenship, grades, and leadership ability.
  • In 450 to 500 word essay, give your interpretation of what this statement means, and how it may contribute to your campers experience at ACADEMY as well as your own: What role does “imagination” play in human progress? Give examples from history and your own life.  This is a very important part of the application.
  • A copy of your unofficial high school transcripts including grades, courses, test scores, and citizenship marks.
  • Please return the completed application packet to:

Southern Oregon University - DCE
1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR 97520

An informal interview will be scheduled as part of the application process. Interviews will either be in person or by phone depending on your geographic location.

We hope to have our Junior Counselors selected early, so please return your completed application by May 1. For further information, contact Rachel Jones at (541) 552-6326.

(For a PDF of the 2016 job description click here)

Each Junior Counselor will help supervise a Living Group of 10-14 ACADEMY students during those times when the students are not involved in classes.  Junior Counselors will live and eat all meals in the dorms assigned to them.  The time commitment for the job is considerable.  Students attending ACADEMY range in age from 9-12 years, so the program must provide a high level of supervision, and Junior Counselors will be an integral part of the needed supervision.  Each Junior Counselor will serve as a Teaching Assistant for one or more classes each day and will also attend a separate JC leadership class during one period.  Junior Counselors have an 11:00 p.m. curfew.


seeks high-energy personalities who find working with young people interesting and fun.  We are looking for responsible, mature, and emotionally stable individuals.  One of the strengths of the ACADEMY program has been the outstanding role models that junior counselors provide.  Counselors are expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner which includes good personal hygiene and appropriate dress, positive attitude, compassion, wise decision making, and intellectual curiosity.


  • Live in the dorm and help supervise 10-14 students.
  • Work cooperatively with your senior counselor.
  • Actively participate in the Junior Counselor class.
  • Attend orientation and staff training prior to ACADEMY.
  • Meet daily with ACADEMY staff.
  • Assist at registration and checkout.
  • Participate in and help with recreational activities, selected classes, afternoon workshops and evening programs.
  • Participate in an evaluation of the session.
  • Know emergency procedures thoroughly.

Junior Counselors participate in Session I - June 19-25, 2016, for grades 5 and 6.