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Southern Oregon University

November 12 - 14 with the adjudication on Tuesday, November 18, 2014  

2014 Coaches Corner

Scavenger Hunt Coaches Memo (PDF - coming soon)

Scavenger Hunt Rules (PDF)

Scavenger Hunt Registration Form (fillable PDF form)

Follow these steps to complete the fillable form:
1. Save a copy of the attached form to your hard drive.
2. Enter all required fields of information on each of your team members.
3. Save the completed form on your hard drive.
4. Attach the completed form to an email and send it to
5. Fax the completed form to Youth Programs at 541-552-6047.

The Middle School Scavenger Hunt will take place at the Stevenson Union, located on the campus of Southern Oregon University. SOU map [PDF].

Bus and Minibus Parking
School buses and minibuses transporting students must go directly to Parking Lot #36 on Mountain Avenue. Please park in the back of the lot away from Mountain Avenue. See the attached map.

Teams must walk a short distance from Parking Lot #36 to the Stevenson Union.

Private Vehicle Parking
Parking Permits will not be issued to parents and family members. These vehicles must find parking on the street.

The 15th Annual State of Jefferson Middle School Scavenger Hunt took place November 6, 7, 8 and 12, 2013

Contestants from ten area middle schools researched answers to questions relating to a wide range of topics and subject matter. An adjudication session was held Tuesday, November 12th at the Southern Oregon University campus from 9:00 am – 1:30 pm. Students defended their answers and argued against competitors’ answers in front of the adjudication judges.

Steve Boyarsky, retired SOESD Superintendant moderated the event. Attorneys David Ingalls and Michael Mayerle of the Law Firm Hornecker, Cowling, Hassen & Heysell, L.L.P. were judges. Lenny Friedman, retired math teacher from Rogue River was the Hunt Director. This event is sponsored by SOU Pre-College Youth Programs and supported by school districts in Jackson, Klamath and Josephine counties.

Place  School  Coaches 
 1st  Talent Middle School  Sara Enriquez & Joyce Squire
 2nd  Pinehurst School  Jim Impara
 2nd  Willow Wind Community Learning Center       Max Lawson
 3rd  McLoughlin Middle School  Rigel Chidester & Bonnie Howe     


First Place - Talent MS
First Place - Talent Middle School

Nearly 200 students, representing ten middle schools, participated in this year's competition. Congratulations to Talent Middle School for their first place win with 104 points. The Pinehurst School and Willow Wind Community Learning Center tied for second place with 96 points each and McLoughlin Middle School took third place with 93 points. Other participating teams were from Ashland, Chiloquin, Eagle Point, Hanby, Logos Public Charter School, and Rogue River middle schools.

To view the Scavenger Hunt questions and answers click here.

The State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt questions were constructed with the intent that all answers could be found in a middle school, branch library and/or the Internet. The teams were encouraged to use people resources (teachers, parents, community members) to get tips and leads if they came to an impasse or did not know how to proceed.

The goals of the State of Jefferson Middle School Scavenger Hunt are:
1. Students will increase knowledge of how to access information.
2. Students will learn teamwork and organization in an academic arena.
3. Students construct a persuasive argument with supporting evidence.
4. Students will learn the importance of precision.
5. Students will have fun.

2013 Second Place - Pinehurst School
Second Place Tie - Pinehurst School

2013 Second Place Willow Wind
Second Place Tie - Willow Wind Community Learning Center


Third Place - McLoughlin MS
Third Place - McLoughlin Middle School



Part I: Dedicatee

  1. Our dedicatee was born in San Francisco, moved to Medford, Oregon at the age of four and was inducted into the hall of fame. What is the dedicatee’s name (FL). (2 points)

  2. What TV show did our dedicatee’s father host? (2 points)

  3. What disease has our dedicatee helped to raise funds for by participating in fund raisers located in Wisconsin? (2 points)

  4. Our dedicatee won a celebrity golf tournament with two other celebrities. What golf tour event did they win? (2 points)

Part II: General knowledge; Print and Internet based

  1. In a horror novel written by an Irish novelist in 1897, 2 non-English characters come to the aid of Jonathan H. and his wife to try to kill the antagonist. What are their last names (2 points)

  2. What is the title of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle book that describes how the dog’s eyes were able to be luminous? (1 point) Write the quote from the book that describes how the dog’s eyes were able to be luminous. (2 points)

  3. In a book about grandmothers in which a local woman is featured, what is the "Grandmother's" name (FL) who was called Jewskimo by her daughter? (2 points)

  4. On their way to Ashland, Oregon in the summer of the second decade of the twentieth century, who wore blue ribbons? (1 point) What was written on the ribbons? (1 point)  What were they going to see in Ashland? (1 point)

  5. According to a New York Times article, what was the name (FL) of a 15 year old girl who started a petition to eliminate a food additive which was used to prevent separation? (2 points)
    What was the name of the company that used the ingredient? (1 point) What was the name of the ingredient? (1 point)

  6. What product, which was described as psychedelic, was marketed by a British company in the 1960s? (1 point) What inspired the inventor which he saw in a British pub? (1 point)

  7. What subspecies, found in Eastern Oregon, has increased in the past 7 years to about 60 today? (1 point)
    What was found, during a necropsy, to be the cause of death in many of these subspecies? (1 point)

  8. According to a newspaper article in 1908, what was the name (FL) of a Kentucky born man who was “one of the heaviest property owners” in Jackson County? (2 points) What was the name of the property that he owned? (1 point) Where is the current location of what was known as his “ferry”? (1 point)

  9. What is the name (FL) of the man who published the first Oregon farm journal? (2 points)
    What was the name of the journal? (1 point)

  10. What is the name of an Oregon tunnel which never saw a train or car pass through? (1 point) In what mountain range is it located? (1 point)

  11. What nocturnal species listed as “Least Concerned” by the IUCN is omnivorous? (1 point)
    What family is this species a member of? (1 point)

  12. What Portland born inventor (FL), who was inducted into the Hall of Fame, is credited with saying "To be an inventor, you have to be willing to live with a sense of uncertainty"? (2 points)

  13. What game did a team from Oxford defeat the NY Giants in 1962? (2 points)

  14. If must never before never achieve to accomplished, results we employ attempted methods before we are to expect 
    Write the motivational quote (circa 17th century) by rearranging all of the words above (1 point). Who is credited for writing this quote? (1 point) How many different possible ways can these words be arranged? The outcome does not need to need to be grammatically correct and do not include punctuation. (1 point)

  15. What sport was won by a UN Peacekeeper in 2006 in Germany? (1 point) Who (FL) was the UN Peacekeeper? (2 points)

  16. Scientific research has resulted in changes to previous discoveries which have been thought to be fact. In 1921, what was thought to be 48, using more advanced techniques, was found to actually be 46 in 1955. What discovery do these numbers refer to? (1 point) What is the name (FL) of the scientist 46 who came very close to the correct number? (2 points) This scientist was involved with a 1950 US Supreme Court case that successfully challenged a doctrine established in 1896. What is the name of the doctrine (__ __ __)? (1 point)

  17. What is the name (FL) of the athlete who played for 12 different professional teams during his career? (2 points)

  18. What is the 18th century novel in which the companion’s name became part of the name of a description of a woman who acts as a general assistant in a business office? (1 point) What is the companion’s name? (1 point)

  19. In the 2009 documentary film about a material that has found its way into every facet of our daily lives, one of the research scientists interviewed was from Washington State University. What toxic chemical was the basis of the interview? (2 points)

  20. In 2010 a discovery was announced of a new, large, plant-eating dinosaur. The remains were found in 105 million-year-old formation in a Western state. What is the scientific name (2 points) of the dinosaur and where was it found (1 point)?

  21. This person lived in Oregon in the 1970’s, was born in Georgia and went to high school Virginia. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame. What is his name (FL)? (2 points). In what 1978 movie did he appear? (1 point)

  22. What candy bar, some now consider to be racially biased, regained popularity due to a 1998 comedy movie? (2 points) What is the title of the movie? (1 point)

Part III: Music Identification

You will find a snippet of a song from each of the decades shown below. Identify the song title and artist.

  1. This text will be replaced

    What is the song title? (1 point) What is the artists’ name? (1 point)

  2. This text will be replaced

    What is the song title? (1 point) Translate the title and finish the remainder of the line of the song that follows the title in English. (1 point)

  3. This text will be replaced

    What is the name of the song? (1 point) What is the artist’s name? (1 point)

  4. This text will be replaced

    What is the song title? (1 point) Name the artist. (1 point)

  5. This text will be replaced

    What is the song title? (1 point) Name the artist. (1 point)

  6. This text will be replaced

    What is the song title? (1 point) Name the artist. (1 point) What is the language of the quintet’s name? (1 point)

Part IV: What and where in the world?

1. What is the name of the mountain in the background? (1 point) In what city is it located? (1 point)


2. What is this plant life commonly called (__ __)? (2 points)


3. What is this plant life commonly called (__ __)? (2 points)


4. Who is this monument built to honor (FL)? (2 points) In what country is this monument located? (1 point)


5. What is the species of this plant? (1 point) What country is this plant the national flower? (1 point)


6. What is the name of this painting? (1 point) Who is the artist? (1 point)


Part V: Bring-in Items

  1. Bring in the candy bar from question #22 Part II (2 points)
  2. Product invented in question #6 (2 points)
  3. Products from question #5 containing the old (2 points) and replacement ingredient (1 point).
  4. A photo of the Scavenger Hunt captain with his or her favorite teacher holding a live snake. (2 points)
  5. A ticket stub or autograph from a performance or artist of any of the songs in Part III (2 points)
  6. Live Performance: The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is currently featuring a musical play entitled “My Fair Lady.” The musical's 1956 Broadway production was the longest run of any major musical theatre production in history. A member or members of your team will perform a 30-45 second dramatic and/or musical selection from the play. (0-3 points)