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Southern Oregon University

 November 4-6 with

the adjudication
FirstPlace-AMS Scavenger Hunt-076-WEB
  First Place Tie - Ashland Middle School
FirstPlaceTie Talent MS- Scavenger Hunt 079
  First Place Tie - Talent Middle School
on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2014 Results

Nearly 300 students, representing twelve middle schools, participated in this year's competition. Congratulations to Talent Middle School and Ashland Middle School for their first place winning tie with 116 points each. Other participating teams were from Chiloquin, Eagle Point, Hanby, Logos, McLoughlin, Ruch, Scenic and St. Mary’s School. The State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt for middle school students is a high-quality and very competitive event promoting intellectual curiosity and academic skill.

 A very special thank you to Lenny Friedman, who served as Hunt Director, Steve Boyarsky, retired Superintendent of the SOESD serving as the Moderator, adjudication judges, attorneys David Ingalls and Melisa Button of the Law Firm Hornecker, Cowling, Hassen & Heysell, L.L.P. Your support is greatly appreciated! 


 Place   School  Coach
 Ashland Middle School     Karl Pryor
 1st  Talent Middle School    Sara Enriquez & Joyce Squire  116
 Pinehurst School    Jim Impara
 3rd  Willow Wind    Max Lawson


Part I: Dedicatee

  1. Our dedicatee was executive director of a YMCA in San Luis Obispo before securing the same position in Oregon in 1983. What is our dedicatee's name (FL)? (2 points)

    Answer: Carol Jensen
    Source: Lisa Molnar

  2. Our dedicatee's mother graduated from Corvallis High School before receiving her bachelor's and master's degrees from Oregon State University. Our dedicatee's mother taught high school and college in Oregon and was a leader in the statewide Oregon women's rights movement. What is her name (FL)? (2 points)
    Answer: Mary Christlieb

  3. Our dedicatee's spouse is a retired school teacher, a member of Amnesty International and was a medic in Vietnam. What is our dedicatee's spouse's name (FL)? (2 points)

    Answer: Steve Jensen

  4. Our dedicatee has been involved with a program for talented and highly abled students since 1992. This program will be celebrating its 35th anniversary next year. What is this program called? (2 points)

     Answer: ACADEMY 

Part II: General knowledge - Print and Internet based

  1. What is the name (FL) of a 19th century New York born person, purported to be a used furniture dealer whose father was a barber and mother a seamstress? (2 points)

    Answer: Al Capone

  2. Who (FL) is credited with throwing the first curve ball in the Western United States? (2 points) Who (FL) was the first college baseball player to throw the curveball and later became a poet. (2 points)

    Answer: George McConnell, Clinton Scollard

  3. What is the name of a 10 year old high school graduate (FL) who was also part of a boys' chorus? (2 points)

    Answer: Tanishq Abraham

  4. What is the name (FL) of a US political candidate who, having no money and little name recognition, surprisingly upset an incumbent in a 2014 primary election? (2 points) What is his hobby? (1 point)

    Answer: David Brat, pickleball

  5. A measuring standard in the nineteenth century has made use of a seed. What fruit is the seed from? (2 points) What recently discovered item measured about 122.5 units? (1 point)

    Answers: carob, diamond
    Source: June 21, 2014, Since You Asked, Mail Tribune,

  6. In the mid-nineteenth century a scientist published a single paper that summarized his findings from nearly a decade of research. The significance of this work went unrecognized for over three decades. The scientist died unaware of the huge impact his research would have in the modern day life sciences. In 1900 a few scientists were working on a very similar area of research and rediscovered the mid-nineteenth century paper. They understood the significance of the work, replicated many of the findings, and gave credit to the original scientist for the seminal nature of his work. What is the name (FL) of the scientist who published the mid-nineteenth century paper? (2 points) What are the last names of two of the scientists who rediscovered and replicated many of the original research findings? (2 points)

    Answers: Gregor Mendel,      de Vries, Correns, von Tschermak and Spillman

  7. This famous person went to high school in New Jersey where he got a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT. He studied engineering at an Ivy League college. Who (FL) is this person? (2 points) This person wrote the theme song for a movie. Who (FL) directed this movie? (2 points)

    Answers: Huey Lewis, Robert Zemeckis

  8. What is the last name (L) of the brothers who bought a ranch outside of Woodville, OR and built a Hall, which bears their name, in Arizona? (2 points)

    Answer: Schieffelin

  9. What is the name (FL) of a Norwegian actor who appeared in at least 38 full length movies? One of the movies starred Harrison Ford and another Peter Sellers. (2 points) What was the title of the role he played in a movie which took place in Russia? (1 point)

    Answer: Tutte Lemkow, Fiddler

  10. What is the name of the private, liberal arts college in the Southern United States that was originally funded and bears the name of a person born in New York in 1830, who only had an eighth grade education? (1 point) What is the name of the company that earned the founder of the college most of his wealth? (2 points) One of his partners was an abolitionist who went to high school in Cleveland. What is his partner's name (FL)? (2 points)

    Answers: Flagler, Standard Oil, John Rockefeller

  11. A US government science program in the late 1960s started with a 3 letter acronym which was changed to two letters by deleting the middle letter. What was the 2 letter acronym (2 points) and what did the eliminated letter stand for? (1 point)

    Answers: LM, Excursion 

  12. This famous early 20th century star's family grew grapes, raised cattle, and operated a general store. He would often vacation at an Oregon hot springs. What was his name (FL)? (2 points) What is the name (FL) of his wife who was a famous movie actress? (2 points) What is the name the Oregon hot springs? (1 point)

    Answers: Guido Diero, Mae West, Breitenbush 

  13. Whose name (FML) was deleted as a recipient of the Medal of Honor but restored 60 years later? (3 points)

    Answer:  Mary Edwards Walker 

  14. The Pharaon plays an important role in an 19th century novel. The famous young man who sailed it had two names in the novel. One was his given name (FL) (2 points) and the other is the title of the book (2 points). What are the two names?

    Answers: Edmond Dantès and The Count of Monte Cristo
    SourceThe Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas

  15. In a 2012 book, Ivan saves Ruby by using what skill? (1 point)

    Answer: He paints.  
    Source:  The One and Only Ivan, Katherine Applegate, 2012 HarperCollins Children’s Books

  16. What secret mystical religion, where men and women were treated equally, promoted vegetarianism and did not allow the eating of beans or wearing clothes from animal skins? (2 points) What is the founder most famous for? (2 points)

    Answers: School of Pythagoras, Pythagoreans or Pythagorean Theorem


  17. A cottage industry was started in order to find the 34th of a series. The 33rd was discovered in 1994. What is the series called? (2 points) Identify the 28th of the series. (2 points)

     This question was disqualified due to Hunt Director error.

  18. What is the title of a 1970s political movie, which was a satirical comedy, where the main character only knows the world through television? (2 points) What was the main character's profession? (1 point)

    Answers: “Being There”, gardener

  19. In the late 1800s, what did saloons pay the highest rate for in a Southern Oregon town? (2 points)

    Answer: Electricity

  20. Rearrange the following words to create a well-known phrase:
    You equal love take the end and you the love in make is to the (2 points). Who are the two people (L) (L) credited with writing these words? (2 points) What is the literary device, which was used by Shakespeare, represented in the answer to the above phrase? (1 point)

    Answers: “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make”, Lennon - McCartney, couplet

  21. In 1944, military men were responsible for consuming 75% of what product? (2 points) In 1964, what disease was this product reported to cause? (2 points)

    Answers: cigarettes, lung cancer

Part III: Music Identification

  1. Identify the song title in French. (2 points) In this song, what will grow green again? (1 point)

    Answer: Quand on a que l'amour, the parched desert earth

  2. Name the song title. (2 points) What are the two wind instruments in the song? (2 points)

    Answers: Over The Mountain, bag pipes and didgeridoo

  3. Name the song title. (2 points) What is unusual about the song lyrics? (1 point)

    Answers: Moonlight in Vermont, lyrics do not rhyme or each verse is a haiku


  4. Name the English song title. (2 points)

    Answer: Maid with the Flaxen Hair

  5. Name the song title. (2 points) What is the musical instrument? (1 point)

    Answers: Tree of Life, Kora

  6. Name the song title. (2 points)

    Answers: Rolling Earth

Part IV: What and where in the world?

1. What is the name of this building (_ _ _ _) (2 Points)? In what city is it located (_ _) (1 Point)?

Answers: Truman Little White House, Key West

2. What is this gentleman's name (FL)? (2 points) Where did he become the first governor? (1 point)


Answers: Juan Ponce de Leon, Puerto Rico

3. What plant (_ _) is this a flower stalk of? (2 points)


Answers: Juan Ponce de Leon, Puerto Rico

4. What is this gentleman's name (FL)? (2 points) What country owns the land where a memorial was built to mark the spot where he died? (1 point)


Answers: James Cook, England

5. What is the name of this National historic site? (2 points)

Answer: Butchart Gardens

6. In what city can this mural be found? (2 points)


Answer: Chemainus

Part V: Bring-in Items

  1. Bring in memorabilia associated with the person who lived in Part IV question #1. (2 points)

  2. Bring in a transistor radio that works. (2 points)

  3. Bring in a New York City subway token (2 points)

  4. Bring in a New York baseball Giants pennant (2 points), New York football Giants pennant (1 point)

  5. Bring in S & H Green stamps in a book (2 points)

  6. Live Performance: Shakespeare incorporated many chase scenes and comical beatings into his comedies, such as in his play The Comedy of Errors. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival utilized this form of comedy, called slapstick, when they staged Marx Brothers' shows Animal Crackers and this year's Cocoanuts. Other examples of slapstick comedians are Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and the Three Stooges. Members of your team will perform a 30-60 second slapstick routine which can mimic other shows or can be original. Points will be based on creativity and how well slapstick comedy is represented. (0-3 points)

    2014 Coaches Corner

Scavenger Hunt Coaches Memo (PDF)

Scavenger Hunt Rules (PDF)

The Middle School Scavenger Hunt will take place at the Stevenson Union, located on the campus of Southern Oregon University. SOU map [PDF].

Bus and Minibus Parking
School buses and minibuses transporting students must go directly to ParkingLot #36 on Mountain Avenue. Please park in the back of the lot away from Mountain Avenue. See the attached map.

Teams must walk a short distance from Parking Lot #36 to the Stevenson Union.

Private Vehicle Parking
Parking Permits will not be issued to parents and family members. These vehicles must find parking on the street.

The State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt questions were constructed with the intent that all answers could be found in a middle school, branch library and/or the Internet. The teams were encouraged to use people resources (teachers, parents, community members) to get tips and leads if they came to an impasse or did not know how to proceed.

The goals of the State of Jefferson Middle School Scavenger Hunt are:

    1. Students will increase knowledge of how to access information.
    2. Students will learn teamwork and organization in an academic arena.
    3. Students construct a persuasive argument with supporting evidence.
    4. Students will learn the importance of precision.
    5. Students will have fun.

      Read the Official Hunt Rules before starting your research!

      Each answer requires at least one source of print-based documentation with two sources required to challenge the Hunt Director’s answer. Print-based answers must be originally from copyrighted sources (books, journals, magazines, newspapers or government documents). Documentation should refer to the BOLD portion of the questions, but need not contain the exact wording unless it is a proper name in quotes.

      Many sources are available in your local public or college libraries and might be available in your own middle school library. A list of libraries and hours of operation has been provided to your coach. Not all libraries will be open every day of the hunt so plan accordingly.

      Read the Official Hunt Rules before starting your research!