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Southern Oregon University

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ACADEMIA LATINA classes are organized into four day (Monday through Thursday), with the following Class periods – Class Period 1: 8:30am-10:00am, Class Period 2: 10:15am-11:45am, Class Period 3: 1:15pm-2:30pm, Class Period 4: 2:45-4:00pm

The maximum number of students for at ACADEMIA LATINA class is generally 10-15.

ACADEMIA LATINA is looking for classes that are hands on, motivating and high interest. We are primarily interested in course proposals that challenge students, promote use of higher level thinking skills, and are designed to fit within the seven and one half-hour format. Students enjoy courses that are not traditionally offered in school.

ACADEMIA LATINA will reimburse you for expenses you incur for class supplies up to $5 per student. We have a large supply closet so please check to see if we already have what you need before making any purchases. Purchases over $50 need to be pre-approved. In order to be reimbursed you need to have the original receipt and fill out a reimbursement form.

Instructors should plan to have their class materials ready on the first day of class. If you need to make copies please keep the receipt and we will reimburse you.

Classes are scheduled in SOU campus rooms. Be sure to indicate if you have special room requirements since we make room requests early.

We attempt to schedule classes at times you have indicated are convenient to you. If you have any changes in your plans that will affect when you can teach for ACADEMIA LATINA, please let us know as soon as possible.

Planning ahead for your AV needs is much appreciated by the ACADEMIA LATINA staff. If you know what you will require, please list it on your course proposal.

If you have not taught for SOU Pre-College Youth Programs before you will need to fill out an Employee Data Form, I-9 Form, and a W-4 in order for us to process your wage agreement. These forms will be in your instructor packet and are available from the SOU Pre-College Youth Programs Office. If you have any questions please feel free to call at (541) 552-6452.

On the last day of your class you are required to hand out course evaluations to your students. Your evaluation materials will be included with your class list and class roster. Please collect and return the evaluations to the Academia Latina office at the end of your last class. We use these evaluations for our grants, to help us improve the program and for future planning.

Course Proposal Instructions [PDF]

Course Proposal form [fillable PDF]     Instructor Information form [fillable PDF]