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Southern Oregon University

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Find out more about the fantastic Oregon Institite of Marine Biology where SeaCamp is held.

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August 24-27, 2014 (ages 10-13)



SOU Pre-College Youth Programs: 541-552-6452

SOU Pre-College Youth Programs Manager: Stephanie Butler 552-6916

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB): (541) 888-2581

Behavior agreement form

Medical release form


  • Follow all rules, safety gukdelines and instructtions given by SEA CAMP staff and guest instructors.
  • Show respect for all individuals, staff, property and OIMB's facilities and staff. (Please label your child's property.)
  • Show respect for the habitats we visit by minimizing impact at all sites and show respect for the living creatures we learn about by handling them with extreme care (in labs and in the field.)
  • Be on time for all meals and activities and observe curfew
  • Do NOT brind cd players, MP3 players, boom boxes, Game Boys or other electronic games and devices to camp.
  • Do NOT bring a cell phone
  • All prescription medications should be reported to SEA CAMP staff. No other drugs or medications are allowed.

(Remember, van space is limited, so please pack only these items)

  • raincoat
  • rubber boots or sneakers/hiking boots that can get wet and muddy (for tidepooling) 
  • another pair of sneakers or other closed-toe, comfortable shoes (very important to bring two pairs)
  • sweater/ski jacket, gloves, and a warm hat or earmuffs (for crabbing)
  • two or three pairs of pants or jeans
  • two or three pairs of shorts (which includes the pair you wear on the van)
  • four T-shirts (which includes the shirt you wear on the van)
  • PJs or sweats for sleeping 
  • underwear and socks
  • sleeping bag (or sheets and blanket) and pillow
  • towel and washcloth
  • toiletries (toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo, soap, comb, etc.)
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle (Fill before van trip.)
  • plastic garbage bag (for packing wet/sandy shoes and clothes for return trip)
  • money for souvenirs ($20 maximum)
  • OPTIONAL: camera (put your name on disposables), reading book, travel alarm, playing cards, sports sandals


  • food or drinks of any kind (except water)
  • portable CD/cassette player, MP3, ipod, etc 
  • handheld electronic games or other electronic devices
  • cell phone

Sea Camp Sample Schedule (ages 10-13) - Subject to change

7:00   7:30 Breakfast 7:00 Breakfast 7:30 Breakfast
8:00 8:30 Marine Mammals Lab 7:30 Tidepooling at Cape Arago 8:30 Tour South Slough Estuarine Reserve & Interpretive Center
9:00 9:30 Cape Arago Trail Hike, Shore Acres botanical Garden and Beach Exploration
10:00 10:15 Simpson Reef wildlife viewing and Bastendorf Beach exploration
11:00 11:00 Pack & Load Vans
Noon Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00 1:00 Depart SOU 1:00 Sharks and Bony Fishes Lab 1:00 Coast Guard Station Tour 1:00 Souvenir & Taffy Shop
2:00 Travel to Charleston 2:00 ROV Building 2:00 Depart Charleston
3:00 3:00 Invertebrates Lab and Dock Data Collection 3:00 Oregon Dunes Travel to Ashland
5:00 5:30 Dinner 5:30 Dinner 5:30 Dinner
6:00 6:15 Volleyball and Outdoor Rec. 6:30 Recreation/Crabbing   6:00 Arrive SOU
7:00 7:30 Crabbing 7:00 Campfire & Games  
8:00 8:00 Biological Marine Film  
9:00 Get acquainted games in Dining Hall   9:30 Return to OIMB  
10:00 Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out  


2014 Sea Camp brochure [PDF]

2014 Sea Camp Application [PDF fillable] 

Follow these steps to complete the form:

1. Save a copy of the attached form to your hard drive.
2. Enter all required fields of information.
3. Save the completed form on your hard drive.
4. Now you can print the form and submit it.

There is a small amount of tuition assistance available for Sea Camp. Click here for the tuition assistance application.

SEA CAMP 2014 Dates

Students may sign up for one of the following:
Session 1:  Tues - Fri, August 19-22, 2014 (ages 10-13).
Session 2:  Sun - Wed, August 24-27, 2014 (ages 10-13).

Fee: $545 

Please call (541)552-6452 to be added to our mailing list or e-mail your address to Youth Programs. This is a very popular program which has filled quickly in the past. We will start taking applications in April.