Entries by Sean Glassford

, SOU Students Screen Work at Ashland Independent Film Festival

The 2019 season of the Ashland Independent Film Festival opened Thursday, April 11, and many SOU students will see their names on the big screen.

Cool Courses: Advanced Broadcast Journalism Production

Picture a course so compelling that students never want it to end. That happened last term as student journalists came together to make three live newscasts in Advanced Broadcast Journalism Production.

Introducing the Digital Cinema Major

On April 11, the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) officially approved the launch of a new Digital Cinema degree at Southern Oregon University in Fall 2019.

Creative Careers Bootcamp: Get the Inside Scoop on Portland’s Best Employers

For the fifth consecutive year, Communication program professor Erik Palmer will be leading SOU students on a wide-ranging career safari to Portland.

Tom Shaw Blogs: From Grizzly Peak to Mars the Moon and Back!

Mars also has the largest system of volcanoes in the Solar System with Olympus Mons as the big kahuna of all volcanoes in the Solar System. It is 2.5 times larger than Mt Everest.

, Virtual Reality: Hypertext Hotel – VR Student Project

Early in the 2019 Winter term, Arellano enlisted two all-star EMDA students, Andrew Masek, and Quinn Jacobus, to model 3D rooms based on the original writing in the recovered HTML files. Masek and Jacobus have since created, in just 12 weeks, the first iteration of Hypertext Hotel – VR.

EMDA Students Recognized for Innovation in 3D Imaging Contest

SOU students Michael Fields and Matt Krause, both seniors in the university’s Emerging Media and Digital Arts (EMDA) program, showcased their 3D imaging abilities this winter by participating in the X-Taon Car Texturing Contest.

Tom Shaw Blogs: Compass Conundrums

I was standing on Grizzly Peak, taking the final field test for my Navigation Class and my compass needle was not pointing North. Why was Big Red (The red end of your compass needle) not behaving? The troublemaker, in this case, was Grizzly Peak itself.

SOAN Lunch Conversations: Children’s Rights in the 21st Century

Should children have unique rights that are separate from adults? Should the state be able to supersede the rights of parents over their children? Questions like these are at the heart of debates around the world on what constitutes the category of “child” and how this demographic should be treated in society.

Tom Shaw Blogs: College Orientation

The setting of this evening stroll was Grizzly Peak, the 23 million year old remnant of an ancient volcano that once stood 10,000 ft tall but currently stands at 5922 ft. The peak itself is named after an infamous grizzly bear from well over 100 years ago.